Men's five styles and personality of shoes

At present, there is a new method of choosing mates among British women. Within a minute, they can determine whether the man in front of them is the Prince Charming in their dreams. All this is done by looking at the shoes worn on the feet of men. definite. In this regard, the famous body language expert Foulk Everett divided men into five categories according to the habit of wearing shoes.

Men's five styles of shoes reflect five characters

The man who repeatedly buys fixed-style shoes is nostalgic

This type of man is a very old man.

There is always a deep attachment to the people, things, and things that he is accustomed to. Even if his lover is vexatious, self-willed, and childish, he will treat her with a kind of tolerant attitude until she gradually matures.

He has a lot of old friends and is very loyal to his friends. He will give his friends a helping hand and give him a helping hand at the right time so that his old friend can feel that he is a reliable supporter. Therefore, if you fall in love with him, you may listen more to his troubles, consider the details of his life more, and each other's feelings must be carried out in a stable and growing manner.

The man who wears shoes is very conservative

After buying a pair of shoes, he will cherish it very much. He hopes that the shoes can be worn for a little longer and that he can save a set-up budget. And the shoes in his shoe, the "shoe age" are very long. In terms of personality, he is a conservatism-style conservative man. When dealing with people, it is not slick and often offends people without knowing it; in the interpersonal relationship, the pattern of handling is small; in the professional field, he will have opportunities for success due to silent efforts. Therefore, if you fall in love with him, be careful! He is an "internal passion" man. When you first date, your heart has unlimited reverie for you, hoping to become a lover with you as soon as possible, able to hit it off, close together. However, his restrained and conservative personality suppressed his heart and dared not declare to you. So you may take the initiative to create more opportunities for him to declare.

Casually dressed men are informal and eyes are low

This type of man doesn't care what shoes he wears and wears it. Sometimes shoes and clothes do not match at all. Even if it is a shoe that has been damaged and outdated, he does not matter. Even if he did not wear socks, his socks were broken, and he was wrong, he could tolerate it. In terms of personality, he is an informal man who often has low eyes. There is no order in private life, and I like daydreaming. I believe that one day I can climb to heaven and I can easily lead a life of self-deception. If you fall in love with him, you will find that his emotional world is intricate and complex. He often forgets old love and refuses new love. Love triangles, four corners entangled together, and when all disputes detonate, he will choose to "escape."

The men who love to wear black shoes are mostly macho.

This type of man is accustomed to wearing orthodox black shoes, and shines his shoes, and can't stand to wear dirty shoes or old shoes to go out. This type of man, if he is accustomed to wearing his orthodox black shoes for vacations or appointments, you must be mentally prepared. He must have an unyielding tendency toward male chauvinism, and his mother’s opinion is very important. If you fall in love with him, you don't want to think about him. He has a set of principles for dealing with others and he will never modify it because of you.

Men who love to wear casual shoes are heavy

This type of man is a man who pays attention to leisure life and quality of life. For shoes that are very demanding, not only should they be comfortable, but they should also pay more attention to the style of the shoes and the right clothing. In terms of personality, he likes to grasp the initiative, subjective awareness is strong, his own requirements are very strict, the requirements of the opposite sex is more critical. In life, it is a regular planner. When you date with him, you can feel that he is a very considerate and good-natured person. He is gentle and courteous, humorous and humorous. He is also a person who knows exactly what kind of girl he likes. So when you date with him, even if you do not meet his ideals, he will be very kind, do not think he has a good impression on you, he only has a gentleman manner.

The psychology basis of seeing shoes to know men

Shoes symbolize marriage and career

Deng Yuntian, a psychological counselor at the Chongqing Bright Psychology Counseling Institute, said that the shoes and the habit of wearing shoes can show the character of a man. The symbolism is not only related to the shoes themselves, but also to the act of buying shoes. For example, from a behavioral point of view, people who regularly purchase shoes of the same style often have a relatively old and stable personality. From the point of view of shoes, it is more a symbol of marriage for men, especially the degree of marriage stability. There is an old saying that "marriage is like a pair of shoes, it is not suitable to know through" to vividly illustrate this point.

In addition, Deng Yuntian pointed out that sometimes because the shoes are worn on the feet and used for walking, they can represent continuous progress and symbolize the career of men. “There was a person who had come for psychotherapy and said that he dreamed of having a high heel and low heel. Later, after analysis, there was something wrong with his career. Of course, this is different from person to person, because individual experiences are different, and the answer is Also different."

Cannot just "take shoes to take people"

Sun Yuxiao, a psychologist at the Beijing Psychological Counseling Center, said that wearing shoes can represent a person's living conditions, identity, and personality. Because the clothing itself is not as stylish as the ladies, so the body's belts, watches, shoes and other things that are easily overlooked will become the highlight of others' attention.

Sun Yuxiao said that shoes still occupy a certain percentage of factors that contribute to the expression of a person’s life, mental outlook, and personality. Of course, each person's specific situation is not the same, and it is impossible to humble the shoes and people's character. It must be analyzed concretely.

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