Embossed sweater with spring colors

Embossed sweater with spring colors
The high frequency of wearing sweaters in autumn and winter determines its protagonist position in clothing. Most of the materials in this season's sweaters have been added with cashmere. Through special processing, the hand feel is lighter and the texture is thinner. At the same time, the tight or close-fitting design highlights the exquisite curve of the female and creates a warm effect with bumps.

Colorful is the outstanding feature of this year's autumn and winter sweaters. Overthrown the dominant dark colors and replace them with rich, ever-changing bright colors: pink, pink blue, and pink green are the favorite of young women. In the cold autumn, put on a sweater of color jump, as if back to the splendor of spring.

Sweaters are definitely no longer law-abiding and stereotyped this year. Overturning the traditional design thinking, the sweater was contaminated by Bohemian, western cowboys, and the flavor of East Asian style. It became mad and extravagant. Exaggerated tassels, dazzling beads, and sexy hollows are a bit hysterical, but none of them are a kind of vent to beauty.

Of course, the fashion of the sweater makes the fashion of the sweater override its practicality. Designers seem to be invariably focus on the design changes in the collar, low v neck to the lower abdomen, showing a large round neck women's shoulders, while adding color animal fur, enough to make sweaters become a new force in fashion.

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