Beautiful Bride 05 Wedding Fashion Bridal Modern

Beautiful Bride 05 Wedding Fashion Bridal Modern

Marriage is the happiest and happiest day of a woman's life. Taking a wedding photo is a beautiful dream of a woman since childhood. A beautiful Evening Dress, a long tail Wedding Dress resembling a princess, or a graceful cheongsam, bringing women's beauty to the extreme...


When wedding photographs are taken, in addition to picking a set of suitable dresses, some small decorations are indispensable. The bride wears a noble and grand wedding dress with an exquisite pearl necklace or a pair of small earrings. The focus of the audience, if you want to be more grand, you can choose a full set of diamond jewelry.

Evening dress

A beautiful evening dress can promote the bride's styling more beautiful. Different colors and tailored dresses can bring different feelings. Comfortable and natural colors have always been the favorite of young brides. This season, with the design of light gold, silver and pink or pink, it is the most modern fashion. It can not only show the youthful atmosphere of the bride, but also has an elegant feeling. The red evening dress has always given people a burning sensation, and there is also a sense of femininity. The green dress always gives people a grand feeling. If you worry that the color is not suitable for you, you can consider two different shades of gold to match each other, with the overlapping cut design, but added a lovely feeling.

National dress

In the elegant and melodious music, the money comes from the beautiful and touching bride. With the aesthetics of the Qing Dynasty Manchu women, the unadorned enchantress cheongsam displays an irresistible style. In modern times dominated Chinese women's clothing for two decades or until now, she is low-key, subtle, and hides and reveals Chinese women's grace and grace. But apart from bikinis, what else is better than cheongsam? ? The cheongsam can set off the classical charm of Oriental women. The hustle and bustle of the city are reserved. The urban fashion women are accompanied by graceful cheongsam, refined but inseparable, gorgeous but not publicized. Gorgeous and sexy Tang suits, as well as Xiaofeng fairy costumes and show outfits that are cut so charmingly, have become decent and generous, adding the beauty of the bride's subtleties, will certainly attract you a lot of envious eyes.

Long delay evening dress

Will you be married to your beloved man and feel that happiness is getting closer and closer? Through a variety of noble and elegant wedding dresses and elegant Chinese-style cheongsam, and then put on a wedding-like nobility and different colors of long dragging evening wear, do you feel walking light, shining, and demeanor.

Long wedding dress series

The most popular in 2005 was a luxurious, long-tailed wedding dress. It was dressed like a princess in a fairy tale. She gently walked on the red carpet of the church. Modern drags used lace and chiffon, creating a skirt. Very rich level of beauty. This design also makes the wedding dress more weight. It is one of the choices for young brides. Low-cut plus fishtail skirt design, coupled with a small trailing, gives a happy and happy look, coupled with a lightweight design of the veil, the overall shape is more perfect.

Flat feet wedding series

Ping-style wedding is another popular in 2005. This type of wedding dress gives a simple, light feeling. Hong Kong honeymoon wedding dress designer Miss Liang Wenyan believes that the upper half of the wedding dress with a simple design mainly to bring out the elegant feeling of the bride to highlight the figure of the Oriental girl, but also showed a lovely and lively feeling. The upper body shows the bride's temperament and beauty with a three-dimensional cut and a weighted lower body design. Vest style wedding feel more mature, but also feminine, in the future, it will continue to be popular.

Full Lace Wedding Dress

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