Simplicity is the new image store of Meifei Nidi FINITY

Simplicity is the new image store of Meifei Nidi FINITY
FINITY has always been based on "Simple is the United States" as the brand's design concept. FINITY's new image store, Hangzhou Hubin Store, integrates the simple connotation into the design style of the entire store. The main colors of the store are contrasted with dark brown and beige. The bright line structure and the soft lamb skin wall provide a simple and stylish space atmosphere.

The white hole streaked stone floor and the theme wall are integrated, the FINITY LOGO is clearly visible, and the display rack highlights the permeability of the space, fully displaying the display form of the hanging and hanging, and the subtle light in the inner layer of the side frame is filled with different visions. Feel that the brown glossy glass table is randomly stacked with accessories to create a free and changeable pattern. The ebony decorative wall is presented in the form of a facade, allowing the overall layout to be clear and neat, adding a sense of locality and strength. The style of the brand. Lighting lighting pays attention to the overall construction and highlights of the project. The warm colors of the lighting reflect the atmosphere and the simple overall feeling. The detailed design creates a warm and harmonious shopping environment, and you can experience FINITY simple and new fashion.

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