Silk Road's past and present, Xintiandi, Anthony Silk weaving boutiques

Silk Road's past and present, Xintiandi, Anthony Silk weaving boutiques
Chao Anthony in the southeast corner of Xintiandi is particularly quiet compared to the lively bars and restaurants. Passers-by will be attracted by silk curtains hanging from the entrance. When they walk in, they discover that her excitement does not require publicity. The silk products that fill the walls of the house are now full of classical and luxurious.

Towards Anthony, an American-American, since his founding of the "Authentic Anthony" silk brand in 1997, through its efforts and unremitting pursuit of high quality, it has integrated its interior design background and its fusion of design styles into its works. . In order to realize the dream of silk, he built a production and export base for the classic silk products of the world. The Orient in Shanghai's Xintiandi is just like another station on the Silk Road that spans more than 15,000 kilometers across Europe and Asia. The silk that enriches people's beauty and ideals staged her past and present. As one of the world's largest producers of silk fabrics, Anthony has its own professional designers and manufacturing plants to design and manufacture its own silk fabrics. Therefore, the tens of square meters of space in Orient in Xintiandi is like a miniature silk museum. It is a collection of silk hand embroidery series, silk Aubisson series, silk pillow, velvet, taffeta and double palace silk series. Silk jacquard and silk cotton series, silk home products and horsetail series products.

As Anthony looked forward to these condensing efforts and wisdom, it originated from China's silk boutiques and, like her predecessors, once again caused the East and West to be amazed, pursued, and intoxicated.

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