Bono's own brand enters the fashion world

Bono's own brand enters the fashion world
"There is no need for more than one fashion brand in this world." Bono , the lead singer of U2 , once claimed. Today, however, this Irish rock star and his wife Ali Hughesen, together with designer Rogan, founded the brand Edun, entered the fashion world, and realized a marriage between social activityism and aesthetic innovation.

The Edun-branded apparel was designed by the Bonos and the designer Rogan, and processed by home-based factories in South America and Africa. But these low-priced jeans and women's vests that can be bought on Fifth Avenue in New York are by no means the child laborers who made their own sweat. "We don't want to do preaching similar to 'We want to save the world'. We just do our best." The designer Rogan said he is responsible for communicating with the factories and workers.

Although Edun's costumes are all made from natural, rustic fabrics such as cotton and linen, the style is stylish and chic. Edun is a reversed spelling of nude, with Bono's strong personal style, such as the poem of the famous Austrian poet Rilke embroidered in the jeans pocket of the brand. “Edun is just a small step for us,” Bono said. “You ask, where do you stop and what attracts you? Edun reflects a different brand awareness.”

Bono's remarks are reminiscent of the speeches he gave at the World Economic Forum not long ago when British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Microsoft president Bill Gates and others discussed African issues. "I'm tired of the name Bono, but I'm Bono," Bono said. "I've been trying to reflect the value of my life." But Bono said with a smile, spending money on himself and improving the quality of life is not reflected Way of life value, he recently "only bought several villas in southern France."

Like Bono, his wife, Ali Hewson, has been doing business in Africa recently and is committed to anti-nuclear weapons. Unlike other rock stars who love the limelight, Ali is always hiding behind the scenes. This time, with the release of Edun, Ali stood for the first time under the spotlight. In the conversation, Ali gave Bono a glance at the meeting and said that working with Bono was "very happy."

"Becoming a rock band made me fall into fashion circles, but in reality I'm not a fashion pioneer." Bono said frankly. Next, U2 must wear Edun-branded costumes for their world tour. The tour began in San Diego on the 28th of this month and will continue through December this year. The band's concert T-shirt will also be made by Edun. Bono said: “Larry Mullen (the band drummer) has high quality requirements. For so many years, the band has always been arguing about what T-shirts to wear, so we have to prove to the band that the quality of the Edun T-shirt is The best is better than what we used to wear."

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