Fashion life ridicule: see us these women can not get married

Fashion life ridicule: see us these women can not get married

As a woman, what is the biggest goal of life?

Having said this, he began to smoke himself again - why should he say "be a woman" instead of "be a human being"? This emphasis on gender, or because of the weakness of the habit.

My mother was very bitter and watched my friends marry each other, worrying about the scourge of a hand in my hands.

Sometimes when she receives a call from my friends, she will be very embarrassed to ask people: "Do you help her find a good man? You have found a good man." Then it threatened: "You are the best she can be. My friend, oh--"I can't listen to it.

I also reflect on why I still haven't married yet. Then there is the question of the beginning: What is the greatest goal of life as a woman? Are you married? Is marriage the ultimate goal?

of course not.

I am glad that I am not married early now. At that time I knew a fart, only met men who haven't seen good men. I am the kind of person who hopes to get in one step. Once I get married, I can't divorce. If I marry early, my current resume is definitely "nothing to leave." That is what I am even more reluctant to see.

The more you can't get married, the more you can't get married. This is a truth. Because with the growth of age, economic conditions and social values ​​are growing at the same time, and my unmarried men of a similar age are no longer worthy of me. In particular, when you are “aged”, your personality will be somewhat weird. I now understand why people say that “old virgins” are not easy to get along with. They are not alone with their temperament. In fact, who hasn’t had any temper? However, women who have family and family members will control their temper because of the constraints of the social environment and ubiquitous influence. Our women's bachelors, who are not unemployed at home, are a little bit of a bastard, and one of them is not full of hunger. We were still on the rampage, and we were still fighting for the bulls, and we still had to deal with it.

I am very sorry for my mother. At this age, my request for men is not only not low, but is increasing. I didn't think of myself as an old stuff, but I wanted to be half-hearted and half-hearted. Now I feel that I am industrious and brave and lively and earnest, and that I have become a device early and I look beyond my eyes. Idlers can’t even enter my eyes. Of course, the mouth is still very humble and only said: "Now look for a man and don't want him to help me. Just ask him not to drag me down."

The girlfriend often regrets why she didn’t agree to a man and she is still alone. I pleaded with her: “The reason why women who marry early, because of their inability to live without marriage, is because they are unable to take care of themselves. And we, we have conditions Selecting singles means that the conditions are excellent."

The bachelor we can't marry, the goal of life is to do whatever it wants. Now I understand more and more of the older girlfriends, why they are surrounded by young and beautiful little boys. Sanle said: “I don’t believe I’m ten years old now and I can't let such beautiful and smart little boy dump it for me.” The more I can't get married, the more confident I am, and the more I understand in myself, “wonderful goods can live”. I think there are countless doors in front of me. Behind the door, there are countless possibilities.

It doesn't matter if I can't marry. I comforted me and my fellow classmates and let those men who aren’t us hurry to go.

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