Retro and luxurious Biba05 spring and summer fashion bow focus

Retro and luxurious Biba05 spring and summer fashion bow focus
The Biba Spring-Summer 2005 collection welcomes the spring weather and many outdoor activities with retro, youth and luxury!

The main design elements in 2005 are still reflected in some edge details. The length of the jacket is shorter, and it is closer to the style of the short jacket of the 60s. Three-quarters and seven-quarter sleeves still swept through this spring, with ruffled edges, double cuffs, or cuffs slitting to highlight a beautiful wrist. Lace and bow ribbons continue to be the focus of the season, but the design is more concise than ever.

This season's dresses are all raised in waist and make their legs more slender. Picky women can choose the long skirt that sways in the fish tail. The trousers of this summer's retro pants have turned over. At the same time, between the pumpkin color and the dark blue color, never fall behind the black and white. This is the spring and summer of 2005 Biba 挟 with a strong retro trend brought luxury and exquisite tailoring, resulting in avant-garde modern and diverse splendor.

Biba is a fashion brand originating in Hong Kong and modeled on European advanced custom clothing. Our style line is simple and elegant. "Beauty, simplicity, elegance and quality" created Biba.

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