Happy "March 8" Festival of the four classic ladies dress new demonstration

Happy "March 8" Festival of the four classic ladies dress new demonstration
Today's fashion industry has sought inspiration from Hollywood, luxury brilliance, charm to the extreme, brilliant to the extreme; the focus of the trend is the perfect blend of fashion charm and classic charm. Today, we come together to decipher the secrets of the classic star's clothes and make you a leader in retro fashion.

Sexy goddess - Marilyn Monroe dress code:

Marilyn Monroe is a myth of a century. Sexy and innocent makes her attractive as an angel. In the wave of retro, you can not have her devil figure and angel face like her, but you can still use clothing. Show it all.

Above: Red Polka Dot Halter Skirt VERO MODA 299 yuan / bag Roberta di Camerino 990 yuan

Pink top MD 539 yuan / silk cropped pants MISSK 480 yuan / pink sandals really beautiful poem 628 yuan silk coat MISSK 620 yuan

(Left) The highly elastic Lycra fabric, with its charming sexy lace, not only fits comfortably, but also embodies the curves of the bumps.

(Right) The laminated lotus leaf design uses light and thin fabrics, such as water, which is gentle and gentle. The limit reveals a woman's style and irresistible.

Red Knit Top sisley 565 yuan / black miniskirt sisley 565 yuan / black high heels Sijiatu 558 yuan pink harness dress KOOKAI 1290 yuan

(Left) Slim waist, slender legs, showing sexy is actually so simple. Red and black with a short dress, simple and light, the most suitable for dynamic girls.

(Right) The personal tailoring can best show the exquisite figure. The thin straps and the low-cut design fully reveal the charming curves.

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