French brand Traction Productions clicks on the eye

French brand Traction Productions clicks on the eye
With respect to taste, there is a faction that advocates that most designers’ works are still popular brands in the world of collectors, and the duration of the tasting may be in units of “season” or “years,” and the appreciation brands mostly start with professional glasses. The solid master craftsmanship team made its handcrafted frame with exquisite comfort. It is difficult to match the production model with a model that shoots in the mirror, and because everything is well-crafted, it is enough to compete with the fashion trend, and the price is not at liberty.

The big glasses asked as if they were a big university. A pair of spectacles costing 10,000 yuan. Many details are sought for humanity. The French brand Traction Productions entered the Japanese market for 20 years. It deeply understands the disparity between the faces of the East and the West. The bar is straight, some glasses may not be worn by the oriental people, some mirror design will be taken into account at the beginning, is to raise the nose on both sides of the nose pad heightening, nose shortening, or in two pieces Small nose pads “reserve space”, I feel that the nose is not high enough, you can ask the store to adjust the nose pads to extend, regardless of what kind of face are all together.

Traction Productions is a family business with a century-old family of eyeglasses, but the brand name is from Los Angeles. It is said that there is an area in Los Angeles called Traction. It is a fashionable place where young artists and cutting-edge art directors often hang-out. The work of brand designers. The room is also located here. The style is arguably the result of the creative aesthetics of Paris and Los Angeles. The culmination of the culmination of everyone's glasses is the 1968 Jaeger-style retro plastic frame. The fourth generation of the family was elegant. Jia Ji is the first person to design exclusive mirror models.

The world of women has nothing to do with men, but Traction Productions has developed a new method of combining cellulose acetate with metal in recent years. It is said that it can make the frame colors more stylish. The industry bluntly says that there is a lack of interest in light and corrosion resistant titanium metals. Because "dyeing is not pretty," Traction Productions simply regards the frame as a "pointy accessory". The twilight in spring and summer is dominated by oranges. It is a classic color often seen on Jean-Paul Gaultier and Rick Owens.

The size and the line of the frame also include women, men and women. This is the current Japanese trend of ultra-hot, slightly narrow rectangular lines. It is possible to frame the lens suddenly "broken" at the lower edge or to form a narrow, irregular shape. Not law-abiding, playing with lines up to high-level classes; suggested prices range from 7,000 to 12,000 yuan.

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