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Since 28 yuan bought a pair of black soft and exquisite fabrics fashion shoes, I seem to lose the measure of the size of the shoes or more rigorously, it is lost the aesthetic perception of shoes, from spring to summer, from summer to autumn No matter how tired you look,
But no longer find a wishful shoe, seeing this pair of gentle and considerable shoes can be old, but there are still no traces. The kind of flower shoes, too fancy, can not wear; that kind of round-headed casual shoes is really stupid, a bit like a boat, that is how to wear women's elegance; that pointed like a rocket, Wear it is wearable, just a few days, the front is scarred; cloth shoes are still there, but no more that kind of exquisite models, the kind of black color, the kind of comfortable and soft.
..... That kind of feeling is like a soft warmth, so that people are guilty, so that people are nostalgic, let me in the gap of thinking, endless desire and longing.
Now that there have been some moments, I had to wear a pair of shoes with friction and earth friction, in order to shift thinking, my brain would often pull out some of the shoes to wear shoes, such as wearing shoes The feet will be of a regular type and will not be allowed to become a big footer; for example, when I go to work, my feet cannot do what I want, always reminding me that people always have to restrain some convergence and some are better. The judging of oneself, the desire to do whatever is the hope of life, so that people will be less a lot of trouble, blind desires will only bring about unhelpful disappointment and pain; and the biggest beauty of pinching lies in that it makes me many times I think of the mermaid's story, the kind of romance, the kind of feeling like walking on the tip of the knife... many times, I'm stinking that I've experienced the mermaid's feelings. It's really amazing. Things, of course, the feeling of pinching reminds me of the inhuman crimes of the countless number of old women in the old society, a small, pan-headed woman who used the way she had lied to her. Gentle deception His daughter, teenage daughter look like, or understand something, or do not understand what else, but adults eyes told her it was to the United States, the United States, yes, a wonderful temptation, therefore,
So many little girls stretch their feet, wrap tightly, and then wrap them tightly. Then, if you want to squat and jump from the wall, you won't hurt anymore. You will become the best in the world. After an illusion, it's often Screaming, then a lifetime of stumps, and walking difficulties.
..... In this way, we must also think that the United States has always been accompanied by 173; injuries. ??
For people, there is pain to feel. Pain can remind you of many things and can also allow you to do something.
In the morning at work, on the gate, the humorous university student's spareribs are crying and chewing on their faces. It's like untidy work like a shoe with a pinch and asking if everyone is right. His opposing penguin was tit-for-tat and he said: "We can wear a pair of shoes without wearing a pair of shoes. Isn't it appropriate to change jobs inappropriately? And it's often a waste of time. Only to find, you are willing to discard it? Flip shoes can be transferred to others to wear, work can be transferred? Folding shoes just make your feet hurt, and work is often inappropriate is heartache, it will show your weaknesses and incompetence , Make you more and more self-confidence, make you feel depressed ... "The penguin has always been a shotgun. "Comrades, isn't the inappropriate job of holding your feet tight like a pair of shoes, so that you can't stretch freely and make you difficult?" The ribs never touched the penguins. He was inciting everyone to support him. "Then you don't have to give it up." But penguins can't catch it. I listened to my heart.
Many times, we do not understand some truths, but it is too difficult for us to take that step. Because we are right for what is a problem that many people can't figure out. Everyone often doesn't believe in themselves. Everyone loves ease and fear. Therefore, everyone guards this unrest and keeps the soul afflicted.
Shoes that are pinched are relatively easy to change. Unsuitable jobs are more difficult to change. However, they have a common feature. When you abandon them, you can choose something else.
?? Husband is a person who understands what he is suitable for, he easily gave up the status of fame and fortune to the basics of his Monkey King as easy and comfortable life, and I still walk around with pinch shoes.
?? I am not reluctant to give up this pair of shoes, but did not find the right one. I always say to myself like this, so I never give up.

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