Red Storm Puma Ferrari Sportswear

Red Storm Puma Ferrari Sportswear
Not to study, film or even fashion circles, chic knight is often the subject of inspiration inspired by the creators. Every spring season, this type of theme will inevitably result in new bottles and speculation, and sports brand Puma will launch Ferrari series this year. It is also a big event for the mortal car race.

Puma signed a long-term sponsorship contract with Michael Schumacher and Ferrari in September last year. From the moment of signing, fans from all over the world began to imagine when they could dream in the nearest place away from home. The team has the same grade of styles and commodities; shouting for a long time, after a period of global cushioning, it will finally have to grab the market in the spring! Contains the same shirts, T-shirts, jackets and polo shirts as the official Ferrari drivers and staff, and even backpacks and boarding boxes. The whole series is made of Ferrari's standard bright red, Puma woven knife logo, logo, Ferrari's shield badges and logos of various sponsors, one is not bad for everyone, just like putting on the glory of the brand and team, proud of Feelings of emotion.

In fact, Puma is also the official designated supplier of four other F1 teams, including BMW Williams, Mild Seven Renault, Miranda F1 and Sauber Petronas. This year, it also designs a full set of professional fire fighting shoes for team drivers, drivers and staff for Ferrari. , fireproof racing suits and related accessories, and Puma and Ferrari jointly designed for fans.

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