CK jeans Shanghai agent to open new flagship store next month

CK jeans Shanghai agent to open new flagship store next month

The first flagship store of CK jeans in Shanghai will be officially debuted at Huashi Center of Huaihai Zhong Road during the National Day. Shanghai Wenyu Garment Co., Ltd. has obtained the sales agency rights of this brand of the largest designer in the United States in Shanghai.

"Daily Economic News" learned that this flagship store with an area of ​​more than 200 square meters and an investment of over RMB 2 million will be the largest store of CK jeans in Shanghai and is currently undergoing renovation. During the period can be officially open.
CK jeans and CK underwear, perfumes and other accessories will all appear in this flagship store.

It is worth mentioning that, and rumors CKj eans will abandon the agents, to change their own line of different, the new debut CK jeans still choose to cooperate with the dealer, this time the partner is Shanghai Wenyi Garment Co., Ltd.. Wu Yan, the public relations department of CK jeans, said that this is a real estate-based company. It involved in retail sales soon. At present, the two parties have signed a contract, but she did not disclose the specific contract period.

In late July, CK jeans and the original agent Shanghai Runfan failed to renew their trade. Shanghai Runfan traded CK Jeans of the city to “clears and sells,” and in some media, it also issued a large-scale discounted advertising suspension.

At the time, CK Jeans’s head of marketing in Hong Kong told the “Daily Economic News” that the contract between CK Jeans and Runfan Trade had expired, and both parties would no longer renew their contracts. In the future, CK Jeans will develop its own sales force and relocate. Self-driving route.

As for why CK Jeans's “self-employed” concept had not been realized, Wu Yan emphasized that CK Jeans will only concentrate on his own business and will not be involved in retail sales for a long time to come. At the same time, new stores will be vigorously opened in the Mainland. As for the stores originally signed by the agency companies, some will be retained, and some will be opened at new locations. These counters will also gradually recover.

But the industry also expressed concern about the continued development of CKJeans.

A person in charge of the agency said to the “Daily Economic News” that before the “Fighting for Sale” of Runfan had caused great damage to the image of CKJeans, it was difficult to reshape the brand image, and Shanghai Wen Hao Garment Co., Ltd. is not a professional retail company. "It is very difficult to do it."

In this regard, the person in charge of Shanghai Wenyu Garment Co., Ltd. said that after all, the discounted clearance was after all old clothes, and the new CKJeans launched by the company could certainly attract loyal customers.

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