Giorgioarmani man autumn and winter must-have item

Giorgioarmani man autumn and winter must-have item
The fashion on the T-stage can attract men's attention, but when it comes to paying the bill, the man is still very practical, not only to measure the popularity, but also to see the extent of physical wear. So what are the popular elements that can really heat the hearts of men? The giorgioarmani will answer the questions that men and women should have in autumn and winter 2005.

Returning to tradition, this year's fashion track has once again embarked on the formal route, so the typical mid-to-long-term jacket of the business elite has become a popular fashion. However, there are still some changes in style and material. While in the package is the popular point of leisure and orthodox integration, advocating personality revealed. Autumn and winter men's shoes focus on "paint light skin", the style is simple and classic.

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