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Wuhan Chimei Indiana Jones Ladies joined reading; clothing display, the same style and style of products classified, customers can quickly select the appropriate product for their own personality, this is more suitable for display of high-level women's use.

1. According to the product color display:

Color is one of the most important factors that make up visual beauty. Every object in the objective world presents a different color, and people all the time do not have relations with color. Among them, each color corresponds to the corresponding psychological feelings, such as cool colors blue, purple can give people the peace and beauty of the Indiana Qi Warrior women's clothing, elegant feeling; warm red, orange, yellow can give a warm, Comfortable feeling In the specific display, we can the bright colors of the goods in the front row, dark colors of the goods in the rear, so that the overall tone of light and dark levels, the formation of a three-dimensional impact, to influence customer decision-making.

2. According to the grade of goods and prices for display: Wuhan Chi Mei Costume Indiana Jones Women

For the full range of products in the shop, this method is more appropriate. Through the price display, customers can make it easier to choose their own income and taste of products to facilitate customers to complete the purchase process.

3 by product modeling display:

The same style and style of products classified, customers can quickly select the appropriate product for their own personality, this is more suitable for display of high-level women's use. Wuhan Chi Mei costumes Indiana Jones Women

4 by the size of the goods display:

For formalwear and menswear, sizing in the same design style makes it easy for men who pursue lifestyles to choose the right brand for their discount apparel .

5. According to the human mold display:

Mannequin is currently widely used clothing display apparatus. Under normal circumstances, during the mold display, the same posture models, to wear the same shape, the same series of costumes, and the color to be coordinated, not too mixed with mixed colors. At the same time, apparel materials should also follow the principle of approximation, if a variety of fabrics mixed together, it has lost the focus of the effect, resulting in chaos.

Finally, let me talk about clothing display specifications:

1. Front mount display specifications: Front mount display is more applicable to popular models and the main section of the show, which should be noted that the following points:

A. The same series of goods should be hung in the same display area. At the same time, men's and women's clothing should be distributed separately.

B. clothing display , should follow the principle of small to large.

C. Front mounted color system should follow from outside and inside, from shallow to deep principle.

D. front hanging should be configured price tag.

2. Horizontal hanging display specifications: horizontal hanging easier for customers to choose comparison, while the store salesperson also in turn according to the order of products to explain. For horizontal hanging display, should follow the following five principles:

A. The same hanger should be used in the same area. Wuhan Chi Mei costumes Indiana Jones Women

B. Within the same exhibition area, the same item can not be loaded at the same time.

C. Each brand discount clothing should maintain a certain distance, the general distance of 2 ~ 5 cm.

D. For formal wear, the tie, belts, zipper should be maintained.

E. ensure that each brand discount clothing can be neat and orderly, no wrinkles marks.

3 stacked display specifications: stacked display is conducive to space-saving, capacity expansion, but also to give customers a sense of simplicity and level. Among them, the stacked display should be done:

A. stacked display area may not have the same kind of clothing appear.

B. Each stack of clothing should not be too thick, generally maintained at 50 ~ 150 cm is appropriate.

C. Each stack of apparel should maintain a line spacing of 5 to 15 cm.

D. In the stack before the display, the salesperson should first remove the garment packaging.

E. Display laminate should be designed to maintain the appropriate color clothing.

F. brand discount clothing display for the customer line of sight there is a certain barrier, so the nearest location should have atlas and dress mannequins.

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