Rimula men "information set the world" for enterprises to bring competitive differentiation

Today is an information age, the left hand a smart phone, the right hand a Tablet PC scenarios everywhere, when you type in the search engine, "Rimula men, information technology," a few key words, will retrieve many on Rimula Men (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Rimula men") at different time periods to carry out various types of information construction news reports, giving the impression that this is a more emphasis on information technology construction garment enterprises. While Ba Jin men's information director Zhou Yong confirmed the reporter's feeling is not wrong. He said: "As early as 2005, the president of our country put forward the idea of" giving information to the world. "We hope that we can make further progress in this regard and hope that I can lead the informationization of enterprises to a new level and bring about a difference for the enterprises Competitiveness. "Seven years later, Yong said that IT has fully integrated into the Rimula men's clothing production, ordering, sales, logistics, sales and other business sectors, as the Rimula men to achieve lean management and precision marketing has laid a solid foundation . However, Zhou Yong and his team is not easy. He said: "I have more than a hundred people, but we may be more busy with some of the software company's developers because many systems require our own development.Although we want to buy off-the-shelf software, many systems find For example, Rimula men's current ordering system, the core distribution and retail business systems are all companies to develop their own. However, to make Zhou Yong proud, Rimula men's IT system has done very well. "It should be said is very specialized, very close to business, such as our ordering system may be the best domestic garment industry in the current ordering system.Many suppliers did not expect a garment company will have such a strong internal IT system to support it, They are also very surprised. "Yong said.


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