WISEMI children's clothing store business skills close to customers

Hong Kong WISEMI children's wear brand: Dongguan City, 100 satisfied Granville Industrial Co., Ltd. under the Hong Kong-owned International Holdings Limited, is a collection research and development, production and sales in one of the diversified brand operating agencies. Company WISEMI children's wear, baby and so on, the product style is simple and full of fashion sense, full of artistic qualities and other characteristics. For children (0-2 years old infants, 3-6 years old children, 7-12 years old children, 13-16 large children) bring a unique wearing experience, give full consideration to children wearing comfort, environmental protection. Through the subtle inspiration of the WISEMI children's wear brand, children's taste, taste, temperament and grooming will be enhanced. Closer to the Clients Clients are an important step toward selling the shop and a highly skilled job. Good in this respect, not only to narrow the psychological distance with the customer but also to facilitate the transaction as soon as possible; the other hand, did not open the scared away consumers. I would like to share with you some basic skills close to the customer: "Three-meter principle" means that when the customer is three meters away from herself, he can say hello to the customer, smile and look into the eye. If you fail to notice this, and ignore your customers, you will lose three single businesses a day, or 320,000 a year if you average 300 yuan. So I hope all of you here shopping guide, take the initiative to greet customers. Now I find a lot of shopping guide like to use "Please feel free to see" instead of "Welcome." Everyone knows the phrase "Please feel free to see" the greeting just to impress a "look away" subconscious. For example, to talk about the subconscious psychological effect on people. Early in the morning, when you wake up and say to yourself, "Today I feel good and I am a happy person, so you may be happy all day, which reflects the subconscious effect on people, so if you are accustomed to Please say "Please feel free" to the customer, please correct your opinion immediately. I think everyone must have this experience. Sometimes when we shop in shopping malls or stores, we will encounter some over-enthusiastic shopping guide. Will greet you, and when you walked into her counter, he trailed, walked endlessly, and chatter started to introduce how their clothing how .As a customer like to have a relaxed and free shopping environment for them Appreciation and selection, indiscriminate introduction but will make them feel an invisible pressure and as early as possible "escape." Therefore, we should not "do not over-enthusiasm." The best time to reach customers We should allow customers to freely choose the goods is not Means to ignore the customer, regardless of the question, the key is you need to keep the right distance with the customer, with the eyes follow , Observe the customer.Once the time is found, immediately attack.Then the best time: First, when the customer looked at a certain product (expressed interest) Second, when the customer suddenly stopped (said she saw the love at first sight) When the customer carefully looked at a certain product (indicating that there is a demand, want to buy) 3. When the customer out of the fitting room, finishing 4. Evaluation of the effect of the trial should be sincere, with a slight exaggeration, praise speech. Regardless of the way to approach customers and introduce products, Purchasing Guide must pay attention to the following points: 1. The customer's expression and reaction, the prosecution. Second, the question should be cautious and should not involve personal privacy. Third, the distance with the customer exchange should not Too close too far should not be too far.The correct distance is about one meter five, is also our usual social distance. Hong Kong WISEMI children's clothing brand: Operation Center: Dongguan Benavente Industrial Co., Ltd. If you have other questions, please contact: Area Manager: Mr. Wu: QQ: WISEMI children's clothing official website: http:// Tel :: 0769--26981999 Fax :: 0769--26982381 Address: 509 Building 4, First International Phase 3, Nancheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China Hong Kong International Operations Center: 100 Naval Industrial Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Address: Unit 2032, Metro Center Phase II, 21 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay,

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