WISEMI brand children's clothing teach you how to control the reasonable inventory

To the late summer and early autumn, almost all the clothing store entrance, are all posted a "seasonal discount" promotional leaflets. The reason is simple: digest inventory! Discount promotional stock, happy that most consumers, it is distressed but all businesses. Do not promote it, inventory consumption does not go out; promotion, both lost this, but also easy to damage the brand image. WISEMI brand children's clothing that businesses can reduce inventory can be divided into three phases, that is, in the ordering stage, the stage of the goods, the sales stage of the three phases, respectively, take different measures to minimize the amount of inventory from the source. 1. Order --- Analysis Report Integration Style Analysis Sales Report and Competitive Intelligence Analysis Table Each order, many agents entered the ordering site, just like to the Las Vegas casino, with their own feelings and experience to buy Big buy small. Zhu Wenxin analysis, this is the source of inventory. Real order master will do data analysis to prevent inventory. Now it has passed the subjective period of "racking our brains" orders and entered the scientific era of "dataizing" orders. As an example, a distributor produces stock every year. Later, he asked the boss: "What did you sell best last year?" The boss replied: "Suit and jacket." When he asked about the percentage of sales, the boss could not answer it. In fact, these data have sales records. Helped him analyze and found that the suit accounted for 40% of total sales, jackets accounted for 32%, add up to 72%. But when the boss ordered, the suit set 42%, the jacket set 45%, add up to 87%, which is not carefully analyzed before the sales order. Usually, sales reports should be detailed to reflect the casual wear, dress the proportion of the total sales, or even single and double split ends of the ratio; to analyze the first three years of sales trends, and record the best selling last year 20 models, including its photos, and even the entire sales curve; the largest inventory of the first 15, but also analyze the reasons. In addition to sales reports, there is an intelligence report must also be done, "Week Competitive Intelligence Analysis Table." Each manager should specify the appropriate staff, analysis of the five major competitive brands near the store's products, staff status, analysis of their promotional programs, your top five brands are most concerned about the problems are listed. Boss sent to consolidate the master order shop will be sent to see the ability to pay more personnel to order, and these buyers tend to own experience to order. In fact, this is very dangerous. A good buyer, we must have a strong ability to integrate goods. Before ordering, we should listen to the company's product planning department ideas for this quarter's product development, there are a few series, what is the theme, what is the main push models, image models, basic models and promotional models. Here the so-called image section, that is, those good-looking shop selling clothes, must be a small amount of money. If there is no image of a store, temperament will not get out, there is no way and competitors opened the visual differences; and the basic models and the main push models, the amount of the general set are larger; As for promotional models, which is used to rival Direct competition, only careful analysis of sales tables and intelligence tables, can be ordered to the exact number. On the goods --- simulation order band on the goods Purchasing Guide simulation shop ordered the person in charge of the shop and sellers, often not the same people. The order time and the time of stock is often a difference of six months. WISEMI children's clothing proposal, the official ten days before the goods, the manager should organize all clerks to open at least three meetings. The first meeting, the person in charge of ordering to communicate with the manager and dozens of shopping guide, tell them what is the spring and summer of the goods, as well as the main push models, image models and so on; The second meeting, focusing on each piece Product technology and quality, etc .; the third meeting, to each shopping guide issued a purchase order, simulation order. Set a "Buyer Award", a bonus of 2,000 yuan. Which shopping guide and the most consistent sales results this season, you can get. After the simulated order, the Purchasing Guider selected the top 20 and order list comparison, if you find that buyers think half a year ago, a good shopping guide, shopping guide actually no one selected, it should quickly analyze the reasons and advance promotions program; If there are several models, Purchasing Guide are fancy, but when the original order was set very little, you need to quickly recover the order replenishment. A large amount of style on the goods in advance loading on the loading time, many stores will choose on August 15 that day. If you walk in front, be sure to put on the window 6-8 days in advance to give consumers an impression in advance, but also to attract some fashion consumers. However, the goods can not come up all the money in advance all the money, only the largest amount of 20 models out. Zhu Wenxin analysis, the largest inventory of the stock is often considered the best selling explosions. So in advance to these sections into the consumer's eyes, observe the consumer's reaction. In the show time, to implement the good rate of goods, touch rate, inquiry rate and try rate and other indicators. If these four indicators are very high, it is necessary to quickly check the order quantity is not enough, if these few indicators are low, we must quickly do the marketing program. The new wave of the goods keep the so-called band on the goods, refers to the store when the new product is not a one-time all the new products put on the season, but according to the characteristics of the product on several occasions, so that the turnover of several peaks, For example, autumn can be early autumn, Mid-Autumn, late autumn three times on the goods. The general store will be in the beginning of the quarter when all the new goods out of the shop at one time, but such goods, often a week or two products sell well, the more the sales revenue to the lower the lower Purchasing Guide have complained Of the goods have been sold out, and the rest are not easy to sell the goods, it is difficult to mobilize the enthusiasm Purchasing Guide. And so easy to bring a single product on the visual expression of space is not enough, Purchasing Guide hard to remember about so many product features and other issues. If the sub-band goods, you can avoid these problems, bringing the total increase in turnover. Therefore, the manager, the store owner in the time of the goods should pay attention to the band arrangements, through the communication with the manufacturer's product planning department, reasonable arrangements for the time, order and quantity of goods, so that the stock of goods can be reduced. Clerk skills training promotions sales update --- clerk skills training promotions updated morning will understand the inventory Many people often how to measure the level of display with the level of the goods, in fact, they ignore the importance of inventory. If the sale of a good but off the code has been off the display of the A point in the visual, but a waste of shop space, an increase of inventory. The better way is digital display, through the report analysis, product analysis and a series of data to scientifically analyze how the goods should be displayed. After the display of the goods, Purchasing Guide began selling products to customers, this time is also a good opportunity to deal with inventory. Customers in the selection of products, often at the same time pick two models at the same time, this time, Purchasing Guide should not encourage customers to buy both, because many customers difficult to choose between the two, the last may not buy. Clever approach is to sell to customers is the stock of that style, when customers go to the counter checkout, then tell the customer, in fact, the other is a very popular, has sold out quickly, then the customer will have a sense of urgency, but also more Maybe another bought it. Such goods display and marketing methods, require shopping guide is very understanding of daily inventory status, so the manager needs morning morning meeting time, inventory analysis. The most important thing about the morning meeting is to let employees know the relationship between their goals and their personal interests. For example, at a morning meeting, the manager can say: "I took inventory of our inventory yesterday, including a short-sleeved T - Socks sold well, the average daily to sell 10, now the warehouse only 120, we have done very well, but there is a bad news to tell you that yesterday I not only checked inventory reports, sales The report also read the weather forecast form, the weather forecast said that in Jinjiang city, 7 days later, affected by the cold air, the temperature will drop sharply.If the weather forecast is accurate, 6 days later, this short-sleeved T-shirt sales will be Will be seriously affected.That is, normal sales, this short-sleeved T-shirt will likely produce 60 inventory, so we now aim is to be sold within six days of the 120 T-shirt, hope Immediate action was taken. "Immediately after the morning meeting, the manager arranged for the T-shirt to be placed in the most conspicuous place, and asked the six clerks to share with each other two ideas of selling the suit daily. Through the morning communication, the clerk knows which product to sell to the customer. In addition to the morning meeting of 15 minutes a day, there should be a small summary every 5 minutes before get off work every day, and some more-done stores have started a small meeting at noon when everyone is tired to mobilize employees' emotions. Promotions to meet the four conditions Promotions must meet four conditions: give a reason for promotion; have homesickness; promotion to make momentum; promotions must have time constraints. Have agents have done classic cases as an analysis. In the past, there was an agent in Hubei where he took over a shop from others and also took over a large inventory. Instead, he planned a promotional plan that sold hundreds of stocked windbreakers in 20 days. First of all, he got a stop sign, hanging in the storefront mouth: "Millennium with China to the Louvre in France, the first men's brand, casual wear trench coat to go home." Three methods of promotion are written on the sign: one is an old customer of our restaurant, who buys any one of more than 480 yuan of goods, with the purchase of small votes, this trench coat to wear free to go; two into the shop, wearing the Rimula clothes , And the value of 480 yuan or more, this trench coat to wear free to go; Third, where the purchase of more than 480 yuan of goods, this trench coat is also free to wear away. This is actually a very traditional promotion, to put it bluntly is to buy one get one, but after his packaging, far more than hanging up the sign to write "buy one get one free" feeling much better, people feel this brand really Very good. As a result, no more than 15% of the people who directed the first two articles were bought on site. Inventory ubiquity has become a "capital chain killer" According to the survey, at present, clothing enterprises will have inventory, but the amount of small amount of problems. The industry believes that the inventory not only affects the dealer's funding chain, but also increased the cost of many, virtually raising the cost. Dealers can not be considered when dealing with the inventory season, but should take precautions from the time of ordering. WISEMI brand to agents, joining, self-employed and other means of cooperation in the development of the domestic market, the company this integrity management, hand in hand win-win situation, the common development of the concept of rapid development of the domestic market, welcome to join the "WISEMI" brand business friends The development of wealth to create business! China Operation Center: Dongguan Benavente Industrial Co., Ltd. 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