Neglected contaminated land in air conditioning

Core Tip: Zhang Liubo, director of the Center for Disinfection and Testing of Environmental and Health-related Product Safety Center of China CDC, pointed out that air-conditioning heat sink pollution is the most easily overlooked part of air-conditioning pollution. When cleaning the air conditioner heat sink, you only need to buy a professional air conditioner disinfectant to operate at home.

Heat sinks contain a lot of germs According to statistics, a person spends more than 80% of the time indoors, and the elderly and children stay longer, and this group is the most sensitive group affected by air quality.

Zhang Liubo said that the harm of indoor pollution has gradually been recognized by people. However, most people still don't understand the air pollution. In fact, air-conditioning heat sink pollution is becoming an invisible killer that affects people's health.

Experts said that after using the air conditioner for a period of time, most people will clean the dust and dirt on the outer cover and the surface of the filter. In fact, the most concentrated place for bacteria is the air conditioner fin. As the core component of air-conditioning cold and heat exchange, in addition to accumulating dirt and dust visible to the naked eye, the condensed water will also cause the environment to be humid and easy to breed bacteria. Now in the summer, the indoors are hot and humid, and the bacteria are more likely to breed. After being inhaled by the human body, it is easy to cause seasonal diseases.

Zhang Liubo revealed that the survey data showed that there were a lot of germs and fungi on the household air-conditioning heat sink, and the total number of colonies was nearly 5,000 per square centimeter. "These bacteria can harm the body's respiratory and immune systems, causing dizziness, fatigue, susceptibility to colds, fever, respiratory infections, pneumonia, skin allergies and many other air-conditioning diseases."

Cleaning the heat sink requires professional disinfectant. The air conditioner heat sink is not removable. It only has to be wiped with a damp cloth, brush cleaning has no effect, and it is easy to damage the heat sink. Zhang Liubo introduced the correct way to clean the air-conditioning heat sink: after cleaning the filter, the air-conditioning heat sink can be cleaned and disinfected during the process of drying the filter. You only need to buy a professional air conditioner disinfectant to operate at home.

Experts also recommend disinfecting the air conditioner every year before it is first turned on. In the process of use, disinfection once a month, should be selected with a special agency certification, there is a sanitation disinfection agent in the health department. This not only guarantees the sterilization effect, but also is very safe and can protect human health.

What are the pathogens in the air conditioner - Listeria: After a healthy adult, there may be mild flu-like symptoms. Sudden fever, severe headache, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, sepsis, meningitis, abortion in pregnant women.

- Corynebacterium dry: can cause sepsis and endocarditis.

- Staphylococcus: can cause pharyngitis, respiratory infections, nosocomial infections, purulent infections and sepsis.

- Bacillus cereus: can cause food poisoning.

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