Tide brand CRZ enjoy the theme Party, personalized new interpretation of fashion

All great dreams are beginning small, absurd, and out of reach. However, it is precisely because of this "unrealistic" pursuit and dedication that all the incredible achievements of tomorrow will come true. How to understand the "trend"? "Trend" is a word that can not be used in one sentence or even a long article. Perhaps the trend is a kind of attitude towards life, perhaps the trend is well-known. And perhaps the trend it is nothing, as long as you wear comfortable and live happily, that is your own "trend." Hundreds of people have a hundred kinds of "trends", so as long as you find what you love and stick to it, that's one of the best and most tense attitudes to life. Tide brand CRZ in the country is still a new wave of brand names, has always insisted the "vision" and "subversion" brand concept, is committed to creating more consumer unique, fun, novelty, personalized dress experience, integration of more elements, create Out of tide brand CRZ personalized fashion new interpretation. October 20, CRZ tide brand hand in hand "Chinese office workers animation image spokesman" Zhang small box, to create a new trend experience. On the same day, the scene of the event was hot and was blocked off. A group of wearing a monster headdress, wearing a bright yellow T-shirt young tide Men in Guangzhou Grandview Plaza door jumped the world's most popular horse and dance, attracting many passersby crowd and clap. Under the whimsical flash detonation, # CRZ Mang unlimited # Theme Party officially began. The host humorous, introduced the activities of the process. COSPLAY brisk animation official debut, the role of actor is very professional and hard, enthusiastic cheers around the stage of concern, the atmosphere is not good. Subsequently, the autumn and winter models CRZ tide brand catwalk officially began, a model gas field strong, into the type grid. Music a transition, COSPLAY actor and model has played, the two brigadier fight with the field, a new form, the effect of cool. Zhang Xiaoxiong one of the main black pen grand debut set off another climax of the event, black T-shirts on the CRZ tide on-site graffiti. More than ten minutes, three boxes of lively comic images was born, or sell Meng, or a serious, or simple and honest ... ... These three T-shirts were favorable for small box fans, the black has also been the enthusiasm of everyone infected , Photo, signature one by one, the attitude is very friendly. China's first original trend of the bi-weekly "1626 Product Design" strongly appreciated CRZ tide brand together Zhang small box photo, hope CRZ tide brand efforts to create more consumers unique trend experience. From #CRZ unlimited enjoy unlimited theme # Party popular activities, we see CRZ tide brand of independent thinking and whimsy, hoping this new domestic tide brand can give us more fancy, leading a new generation Trend concept.

Microfiber Light Cleaning Towel
Materials:80% Polyester 20% Polyamide
Color:White, Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue
Technics:1. Imprinted 2. Embroidered  3.Jacquard 4.Applique
1.Towel( Imprinted, Embroidered, Jacquard, Applique)
2.Washing label(print or weave or jacquard)
3.Packing(print, embroidery)
1.high water absorption
2. quick dry, thicken
3.Multipurpose, cleaning, drying, polish, wax, household cleaning, bowling or golf ball towel
4.soft & comfort

Microfiber Light Cleaning Towel

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