What is Austrian Crystal?

What is Austrian Crystal? The Austrian crystal sparkles beautifully. Its various shapes and colors make it a kind of non-natural crystal that has been artificially manufactured using the technique of tempered glass. Named after Austrian Swarovski company. So how can this luxury Austrian crystal be identified?

Austrian crystal plays an important role in improving the structure of the gas field. Because it contains many oxides, it has a powerful oxidizing magnetic field that many natural crystals cannot match, and can increase the oxygen magnetic field. Therefore, the large Feng Shui ornaments made with Austrian crystal can play a very good effect.

Austrian crystals, although not natural crystals, do not possess the natural qualities of natural crystals. However, due to the production of Austrian crystalline raw materials from natural materials, containing many oxides, cumbersome procedures, the success of the production of low efficiency, high production costs, it is rare to see large ornaments made of Austrian crystal, large ornaments do not contain impurities, permeability Very good, and highlight high-grade elegant, elegant appearance, and therefore, its market price is even higher than the price of ordinary natural crystal. In general, Austrian crystals are mostly used to make some small ornaments or trinkets.

Austrian crystal identification:

First, the Austrian crystal does not contain germanium, impurities, bubbles, clear and transparent, very good purity.

Second, the particle size is uniform, the cutting line is very sharp, the facet is not fine lines, and it is very smooth, and the more cutting, the better the gloss and the more translucent.

Third, the Austrian crystal, which is capable of presenting a distinctly beautiful rainbow color under the light, is an excellent product and is pure in color.

Fourth, the transparency of Austrian crystal is very good, and it is unmatched by other crystals.

Fifth, if the product is found to be 40% lower than the price of the counter when it is purchased, it must be a fake loan.

Sixth, in addition, the Austrian crystal to Swarovski's Shanghai branch or Swarovski counter inspection;

Seventh, Austrian crystal products inside and outside the packaging, and its repair cards, certificates, brochures and its swan logo is the same dark blue.

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