Fayen Fanni down jacket fluorescent color allows you to celebrate the Spring Festival

Fashion is a life-loving attitude toward life, a process of acquaintance, fellowship and companionship between people and clothing, and is full of fun. Fazenfanni European-style leisure, handsome style of inspiration as a starting point, hidden in the design style, classic style, cutting-edge style, popular in the costumes arena. Designers with a unique approach, cutting-edge design, coupled with a comfortable fabric, after a full range of integration, showing endless beauty, stylish atmosphere, Yun Wei's philosophy and handsome style, to the natural qualities of urban women Performance of the most incisive. Color richness, mysterious sense of depth, expounds the unique temperament and cultural connotation of Frances Fann.


"Famen Fanni" as a personality, diversity, fashion, creative positioning for the high-quality women's fashion , down apparel brand. With the global wind and lake design elements combined with the oriental female body characteristics, through high-tech production technology, hoof create a personalized, fashion, comfort, sophistication and diversification of the fashion and creative women's clothing, feather clothing to warm thin beautiful Create a woman's youthful charm.

法尚芬妮羽绒服 荧光色让你春节喜事到

Advantages of joining:
1. The company gives guidance on the development strategy, store location, shop operation and terminal sales; 2. The company provides the design drawings for the decoration of all the shops in the area and renovates the decoration; 3. For the shops that meet the requirements of the company, Decoration costs to be subsidized: 4, the company provides training, including operations, sales, shop, array, image, shopping guide, etc. 5, the company provides the image of the program, with manuals, display manuals, promotional programs, window programs, publicity programs A series of support. 6, the company provides a scientific logistics system and mode of operation to ensure that each store in the supply of adequate supply; 7, the beginning of the quarter, quarter, quarter, a variety of promotional programs, effectively improve store sales, improve performance. 8, a national media advertising, effectively improve brand awareness.

Yarn Dyed Fabrics mean the yarns are dyed first, then woven or knitted. The features of yarn dyed fabrics are waterproof, air-permeable, skin permeable and breathable, light and elegant,  

Yarn dyed fabrics have a great variety, all kinds of patterns, rich colors, high color fastness. You are welcome to contact us, we will meet your requirements on all fronts.



Yarn Dyed Fabrics

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