DAMASK winter fur to arm themselves to create a luxurious winter

As early as 1905, DAMASK was founded as a fashion brand by a family-loving fashionist who lived in the romantic capital of Paris, France. DAMASK was branded as "DAMASK" More than a hundred years of fashion interpretation and dedication to create, "DAMASK" has become the legendary high fashion in Paris.DAMASK winter fur to arm themselves to create luxury winter!


Dark brown is common in the wardrobe of mature women's color, big lapels set off the face of the petite design, bee waist design highlights the waistline, the appropriate fur embellishment, but also luxury exquisite.


A touch of brown and red elegant and charming, self-cultivation of the leather style highlight the perfect figure, a large area of ​​the chest to bring luxury plush style, so warm measures more in place.


In this year is thoroughly loaded with hot outfit fashion circle, a touch of black veil, looming skin, stitching wild leopard and luxury fur, creating the aura of the Queen.

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