Colored gemstones purchase knowledge

Colored gemstones are rich in color and are easy to motivate viewers to purchase. Xiao Bian of China Jewelry Merchants Network reminds consumers that although China's colored gemstones use the “4C” standard of diamonds (carat weight, clarity, color, cut), the unique crystal structure of colored gemstones is comparable to diamonds. Great difference, let's take a look at the knowledge of colored gemstones .


Consumers should pay attention to the following points when they appreciate and purchase colored stones:

First, observe the color. According to Yu Xiaojin, it is very important that the color of colored gemstones is pure. For example, a good sapphire color should be like pure blue ink, and it is not doped with other mottled colors.

Second, look at purity. Colored gemstones are different from diamonds. Under the microscope, each colored gemstone has impurities. As long as the naked eye does not see impurities, it is a colored gem with higher purity.

Finally, Xiao Bian of China Jewelry Merchants Network reminds the majority of colored gem lovers that due to the high level of exhibits displayed at this expo, the purchaser can identify the gemstone through the on-site jewellery ore appraisal agency if the purchaser is not sure. .

In summary, the method of purchasing colored gemstones is believed. I believe you have some understanding. For more details, please pay attention to China Jewelry .

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