What colors fall lingerie selection of romantic spring black wild underwear

Constantly improve the standard of living, women pay more attention to quality healthy life, choose a healthy and comfortable and suitable for their own underwear I believe many women know, but choose what kind of color underwear girls still need more attention. Autumn is not only to choose for their own choice of fashion women's underwear is also not be ignored, the romantic spring black fashion underwear is a good choice for your fall.


Whether you are looking through or bare shoulders loaded only black underwear will not let you lose face, such a black Bra-style underwear, wearing a low-cut fall dress you are very fit, thin tube design to express you Vague little sexy, clothing wear take place.

秋天选什么颜色的内衣 浪漫春天黑色百搭内衣

U-style black underwear is a small chest Ms. sexy underwear, wrapped in mysterious black compact chest, super-gathered design allows you to wear out of their charming career line, so that you can still be a small chest sexy and confident. Romantic spring brand, more high-quality fashion underwear in the store you buy.

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Self-tapping Screws have a wide range of tip and thread patterns, and are available with almost any possible screw head design. Common features are the screw thread covering the whole length of the screw from tip to head and a pronounced thread hard enough for the intended substrate, often case-hardened.

For hard substrates such as metal or hard plastics, the self-tapping ability is often created by cutting a gap in the continuity of the thread on the screw, generating a flute and cutting edge similar to those on a tap. Thus, whereas a regular machine screw cannot tap its own hole in a metal substrate, a self-tapping one can (within reasonable limits of substrate hardness and depth).

For softer substrates such as wood or soft plastics, the self-tapping ability can come simply from a tip that tapers to a gimlet point (in which no flute is needed). Like the tip of a nail or gimlet, such a point forms the hole by displacement of the surrounding material rather than any chip-forming drilling/cutting/evacuating action.

Not all self-tapping screws have a sharp tip. The type B tip is blunt and intended for use with a pilot hole, often in sheet materials. The lack of a sharp tip is helpful for packaging and handling and in some applications may be helpful for reducing the clearance necessary on the reverse of a fastened panel or for making more thread available on a given length screw.

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