Identification of the difference between natural turquoise and fake products


As the turquoise heat is not reduced, all kinds of beautiful turquoise jewelry are popular among consumers, but all kinds of fake products flood the market, so many consumers who like turquoise are very troubled when buying, then how to identify true and false What about turquoise?

From the color point of view, the natural turquoise color is very natural, and the fake turquoise is mostly bright, uniform, and vain. In addition, the fake turquoise is usually rough in texture, and the inside of the magnifying glass can be observed as a spherical small particle structure.

In addition, many of the lighter turquoises are pretending to be high-grade turquoise after dyeing. For this type of turquoise, a few drops of ammonia can be dripped to distinguish them. If the color is lighter, it means stained turquoise.

If these two methods are still not identifiable, they can be identified by fire. Generally, fake turquoise is in contact with fire. If there is melting, it means imitation of paraffin, and if there is odor, it can be concluded as plastic products.

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