How to wear men's autumn work handsome and competent?

As the weather gets cooler, we should also put on the autumn, and as a worker, we wear clothing with the addition to consider whether the fashion is more appropriate to consider whether decent, so how to dress men in the autumn to work With the handsome and yet capable and decent? The following Xiaobian to teach you, if you want to be a fashion workplace elite, then quickly learn a few moves! As a workplace elite men, of course, one of the most basic with a single suit suits, black must have been the choice of most men, then if we want to be more stylish, then you can take the white shirt replaced by white Polo shirt pattern, the workplace dress is slightly more casual feel, more people feel shines, but not too stereotyped Oh! In the choice of jacket color, we do not have to rigid and basic black, white and blue, and occasionally try other colors to better highlight your fashion taste, but also make people fresh, such as the figure above Outside the dark red suit with a plaid scarf and dark printing knit wear together is a good choice, and finally with the trousers and shoes together, capable and decent yet stylish. (Photo source: KIR men)

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