A Fuzhou person made the world's most expensive jewelry.

Recently, a necklace with 383.4 carats of diamonds and emeralds was born, and it is hailed as perhaps the most expensive necklace in the world. This luxury piece with 11551 diamonds belongs to the familiar jewellery brand Chow Tai Fook, and the person who created this necklace is not a foreign designer but a Chinese. His name is Wallace Chan, an internationally renowned Chinese jewelry engraver.


Retreat master

No one would have thought that a sculptor who came from Fuzhou would be shocked by the Basel Jewellery Show. He is also the first Chinese and only Chinese jewellery artist to be invited to participate in the Paris Antique Biennale. Faye Wong’s wedding ring that can “stand”, the mysterious gift that the Russian royal family ordered for the newlyweds... are all from his hands. In front of the European and American jewellery giants, he is "the terrible Chinese", because the woman who saw his work will lose interest in almost all luxury brands.

As a popular jewellery design master, Chen Shiying is considered a "heterogeneous". He has been practicing in retreats all the year round. He has been out for a year and a half. He spent his time on the basic research of jewelry design, understanding the process and the performance of various materials, as well as the ideological and cultural and philosophical Practice. It was his research and hard work that created the world-famous Wallace Cut cutting technique in 1987. This technique combines relief, sculpt, engraving and gemstone features. Engraving a number of refraction surfaces gives the product a subtle visual effect.


Most mashed master

With green enamel set off powder treasure, yellow diamond, with more than 400 years of history of rosewood with enamel diamonds, with modern titanium alloy inlaid jade... Chen Shiying's creation is full of incredible mix and match, but It also shows an amazing beauty that is unheard of. When he put a piece of rosewood that had been born for more than 400 years with jade and more than 20 carats of diamonds, he made it into a "red building jade buckle", which not only surpassed the difference between Chinese and Western cultures with extraordinary classical beauty, but also solved the use of hollowing technology. It is a problem of weight loss and crack prevention of red sandalwood.

Can do this, because Chen Shiying has been pursuing the ultimate expression of jewelry. In order to achieve his level of satisfaction, he knows chemistry better than chemists, and he knows metal more than mineralogists. In his view, learning is an improvement of self. He once said: "The size of jewellery is never-ending. Since it is not the best and the greatest, it is better to pursue the spiritual level and show the connotation of jewelry. This is a designer's responsibility." He believes that To understand the underlying gems, you must first listen to their stories and spy on their hues; and knowledge should not be false, but to show the brilliance of gems, you must be proficient in optics, gemology, colorology, metallurgy, Even ergonomics can deepen the creation, make the gems interdependent, transform, symbiosis, and connotation perfect.


The most spiritual master

Chen Shiying believes that a responsible jewelry designer should have an independent design concept. In a piece of jewelry, what you see is art, beauty, not carat and gems. People use precious stones to pursue jewelry culture precisely because in the field of jewelry creation, the spiritual significance far exceeds the taste of life.

"Gemstones are like people. When a child is born, he is a rough stone that has not been polished. After learning more wisdom, he becomes a human." On the necklace designed by Chen Shiying, you can't see the buckle, but no matter what your neck is. The length is short, or fat or thin, it can be completely advertised according to its own shape. His work seems to be unconstrained, but the inside is clever and profound, and because of this, his design will be called "sexual jewels."

The jewels that live in vividness are like the jewels of life. This is the "life" endowed by Chen Shiying.

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