Congratulations MARLOCA Man Luka brand will soon be settled in Yulin, Shaanxi Province!

Yulin City, also known as "Camel City," is located in the transition zone between the Mu Us Desert and the Loess Plateau. It is a prefecture-level city in the northernmost part of Shaanxi Province. Yulin is one of the nine major cities in the Ming Dynasty. The Great Wall runs through the northern part of the city. It is a border city of nomadic and agricultural culture.

Yulin Prefecture Yuyang District and Fugu, Shenmu, Dingbian, Jingbian, Hengshan, Mizhi, Jiaxian, Zizhou, Wubao, Suide, Qingjian 11 counties, with a total area of ​​43578 square kilometers, rich in mineral resources Taken together, it has been hailed as "China's Kuwait."


MARLOCA Man Luka brand is about to move to Yulin City, and Ms. Chen together to create a legendary chapter in Yulin City!

MARLOCA Man Luka women pay attention to fashion, elegant, simple style and diverse color brewing, stylish and unobtrusive design essence, designed for 20-38-year-old urban elegant women to create!


Each franchisee is after careful consideration, after several inspections, decided to sign the contract. Your signing is the affirmation of Manulife card, only the real strength, the real quality can impress every franchisee and customer. I believe you will join us will make our team even stronger, let us join hands in creating a more brilliant career! To create "the most competitive Chinese Shu women's brand ."


The new store is about to be renovated soon, is expected to open on October 20! Here we also congratulate in advance MARLOCA women's new store opened, the business is booming!

Every detail of the MARLOCA card is integrated into the noble, intellectual, fashionable and persistent soul. Exquisite tailoring, the rational combination of geometric elements beat art notes; minimalist urban color interpretation, nostalgia reinterpretation highlights the eclectic noble soul, for the city women to bring a good dress experience at the same time, to create Distinctive elegance.

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