Warmly congratulate Ai 莜 women officially settled in Jiaxing Jiangnan Xintiandi shopping malls

Hot in July, hot season, the need is the passion and fashion collision. Ai 莜 women's perseverance through the efforts of the women's clothing industry has been continuously expanding into a different fashion successfully into Jiaxing, Zhejiang, in Jiaxing Jiangnan Xintiandi shopping malls successfully opened a new store, let us warmly congratulate the Ai Xun Jiaxing new store grand opening !




Such a tall decoration style, I believe in Xintiandi Jiaxing Jiangnan shopping mall must be able to stand out from the outside look inside the colorful women have been very attractive, as well as the display of this year's new women's clothing, the trend of unique fashion bounce Every customer feels the latest trend.




Whether you want a small Japanese fresh Mori Van fan ladies paradise, playful cute fashion fan or the trend of leisure sports Fan, Ai Mian women can meet you, let you show your unique fashion charm. Love yourself to give Ai Ai women, Ai Ai make you a fine woman.

AI Ai's intentions you are watching, AI Ai's efforts to verify that AI Ai women look forward to your joining.

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