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[China Glass Network] Selection and behavior of exhibitors

1. Since the exhibitors are representatives of the company at the booth or the exhibition site, their manners directly reflect the image of the company. Therefore, their work attitude, work ability and working style are closely related to the exhibiting effect of the company. The selection of personnel is also an important part of the organization's participation in the exhibition. Selecting exhibitors should pay attention to the following issues. No new or inexperienced staff can be sent to the exhibition. Because visitors always regard the words and deeds of the exhibitors as the embodiment of the quality, strength and credibility of the company, any unfamiliar demonstration, layman's answer, and indifferent attitude will destroy the corporate image and the effect of the exhibition.

2. Exhibitors must have the following conditions: full working enthusiasm and serious work style, modest and modest, patient and patient, able to actively contact visitors and discover potential customers; have sufficient communication experience, fast response, random Ability to deal with certain special things and problems; familiar with product knowledge, can accurately answer customer-related questions about products; be able to demonstrate the efficacy characteristics of products, master the on-site demonstration technology, have a certain sales experience, and be proficient in using The skills of selling products, effective persuasion work for different types of customers.

3. During the exhibition, some companies also selected some performers, such as models, magicians, and funny clowns, as needed. If the booth is large, exhibitors need to be equipped with specialized personnel to maintain order.

4. In the number of exhibitors, there should be at least two personnel for every 10 square meters of booth space. If at this booth, the daily exhibition time is 8 hours, at least 4 staff members should be provided. Two or even three batches of personnel must be constantly replaced to avoid excessive fatigue and reduce the efficiency of exhibitors.

5. During the exhibition, the company's managers should be present: Many visitors, especially those who are likely to become customers, would like to have the opportunity to talk to the manager at the exhibition site to learn more about the transaction and the transaction. Conditions for consultation. In addition, this is also an excellent opportunity for the management of the company to directly contact the market and grasp the information of the front-end market. If two managers are arranged to participate, one manager should always be on the booth to resolve the questions raised by the visitors in a timely manner.

Exhibitors should wear on the right side of the body, because when you shake hands with the right hand, your right shoulder will tilt forward, so that the badge will be close to each other, causing the other party's attention.

Arrangement of participation fees

In preparing the participation fee budget, the following expenditures are generally considered:

l. The cost of renting an exhibition venue.

2. Advertising promotion fee. Including various media advertising expenses for attracting exhibitors and visitors before the exhibition. Various promotional materials such as product catalogues, product manuals, product flyers, promotional gifts, and trial samples of products are distributed during the exhibition. The cost, the cost of video playback at the exhibition, the hanging of advertising banners and advertising posters, etc.

3. Freight, insurance, and product cost for on-site demonstrations.

4. Booth design and construction costs, including booth design or redesign costs, booth construction and finishing costs, purchase and shipping costs for booth construction materials, employment of professional companies or professionals, etc.

5. The cost of sound, light, electricity, water, telephone, air conditioning, cleaning site, photography and other equipment at the exhibition venue; the cost of furniture, carpets, flowers and other environmental decorations at the exhibition venue.

6. The cost of public relations activities. Such as the cost of holding a new product press conference; the communication fee for interviewing reporters on the products and booths of the company; inviting celebrities to attend the opening ceremony of the ribbon-cutting ceremony; welcoming key customers, eating, renting hotel suites, The cost of arranging travel and entertainment activities, booking return tickets, and gift giving; the cost of networking activities for general prospects or target audiences, such as giving away entrance tickets, theater tickets, invitations to participate in cultural activities, etc.; during the exhibition The cost of holding product technology seminars; hiring and training exhibition etiquette models and product demonstration operators and so on.

7. Exhibitors' expenses for food, clothing, transportation, public relations, salary and bonuses.

8. Coping with the handling costs of incidents and other miscellaneous expenses.

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