Australia Tim children wear a coup to help the baby wear anime cartoon body

Now the children of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, armor warriors, Bala La magic Fairy, Super Flying Xia and other cartoon anime it must not be strange, they let children's life in addition to a variety of specialty classes win at the starting line, but also more A bit of pure pleasure. The Austin children's wear is the authentic cartoon cartoons authorized brand, in order to pass the sun to children and happiness. Xiao Bian to introduce you to several series of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf children's clothing ~ comfortable skin-friendly fabric, lotus leaf design elements, full of sweet, a symbol of the United States beautiful sheep and sheep prints, easy to create cute little girl image. Stitching skirts, skirts white and yellow stripes, it is very lively. Emblem of the wisdom of the Pleasant printed pattern, full of fun, this is a vibrant dynamic baby Yeah. The left side of the male baby, short T color contrast on the depth of a bit special, the color splicing is successful, like wearing a red vest, cool Gray Wolf looks cool and handsome, the right female baby, bright Red and pink sheep and sheep complement each other, so that the baby looks more beautiful and cute ~ If the family has a man and a woman's baby, the mother no longer need to pick the clothes made difficult.

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