Tiancai cooperates with Antarctic people to create a brand with international influence

Tiancai cooperates with Antarctic people to create a brand with international influence
Zhang Yuxiang: The cooperation between Tiancai, the chairman and general manager of Shanghai Tiancai Textile Co., Ltd. and the Antarctic, is a shocking event in the colored cotton industry. One is the monopoly of Chinese colored cotton raw materials, and the other is the founder of thermal underwear in China. What will be the impact of the marriage of the two on the colored cotton industry that is already in full swing? Zhang Yuxiang --- This new head of Sky Color was interviewed by reporters at the Antarctic company.

Reporter: Talk about the background of the cooperation between Antarctic people and Tiancai and the impact of the industry.

Zhang: China Color Cotton Group Co., Ltd. is the founder of China's color cotton industry, and has made important contributions to the development of China's textile industry and the world textile industry, allowing Chinese people to see the rise of national textile brands. China Color Cotton Group has absolute control advantages in color cotton raw materials, but it appears to be weak and ineffective in end product development and market planning. The Antarctic is the founder of thermal underwear in China. Its greatest feature is the innovation in market control, but the lack of technological innovation in the product. Now the two companies are joining forces for the color cotton industry, which is the effective integration and reasonable allocation of the resources of the colored cotton industry chain. The huge explosive force will surely shake the colored cotton industry, which is of epoch-making significance.

Reporter: What kind of changes will happen to SkyColor after cooperation?

Zhang: After cooperation, I will effectively control and make full use of the advantages and resources of Tiancai. First of all, the most obvious change is that the positioning of Tiancai will be greatly improved: It is our goal to build a colorful cotton clothing brand with international standards. At present, our color cotton technology level has reached or even surpassed international standards, but the brand's influence has not yet been reached. Second, Tiancai will also have a dramatic growth in the terminal image. Our four-season products will be representative of the style of leisure, health and urbanization. Our image and decoration will be improved according to the requirements of internationalization. At the same time, we will add emotional and humanistic colors. We will make consumers' purchases and distributors' sales change. It's a pleasure for our partners to make money easily.

Reporter: What are the plans for the Sichuan market?

Zhang: Sichuan is a contestable place for every apparel brand. Tiancai has been widely recognized and accepted by Sichuan consumers, and sales in Sichuan have risen to the forefront of the provinces in the country in the past two years. But it should be emphasized that my plan for this special market in Sichuan is not this year, but 30 years! Walk steadily and set the coordinates on their own yesterday, and we must make new achievements. In May, we will be the first to hold a provincial-level provincial investment promotion conference in Anhui Province. We will then go to Chengdu to show our ambition and courage.

Reporter: Now that you have two brands, Tiancai and Antarctica, how will you deal with the relationship between the two "children"?

Zhang: As we all know, I spent millions of dollars to hire professional managers to manage the Antarctic people. For the "Antarctic people," I am just a decision maker and controller; and I personally now serve as the general manager of Shanghai Tiancai Textile Co., Ltd. "Tiancai," besides the decision-making, I am still an implementer of decision-making. This means that my responsibilities are even greater. We must pay attention to every detail of Tiancai and start to solve it.

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