Carefully wear wrong shoes

"Everyone should have good shoes, it will take you to the best place!" Right.
The importance of good shoes for sports is self-evident, but all world-class athletes have tailor-made sneakers and are happy to endorse the sneakers for major brands. In the face of thousands of sports shoes at any time, what is the standard of good shoes? Is it expensive?
At the "NewBalance" Health Symposium held recently, Australian Kelly orthopedic doctor madly criticized some traditional footwear methods.

Misunderstanding 1: Import is good

If the sales lady tells you that this pair of shoes is an imported version, a limited number of shoes in a certain country, unless you are a collector, you must pay attention when you pay.
"There are a lot of differences between the oriental and western people."
Dr. Kelly pointed to the foot type map. "The foot type is divided into three types: standard type, flat foot type, and high bow type. According to the research, about six adult feet have deviations, and Asians mainly rely on flat feet." When selecting shoes, it is necessary to understand their own feet.
If you don't know what your foot type is, here's a simple test: wet your feet and print them on thin paper.
In the flat foot, the curvature of the arch of the medial side of the foot is small, and the entire foot is almost on the ground when standing.
For those with high archers, on the other hand, the arc of the arch is too high and the arch bridge is difficult to get close to the ground.
Flatfoot athletes tend to tilt inwards when running. They should have good arch support performance. The soles have arched cushions and hard heels. Otherwise, they are prone to plantar fasciitis.
Persons with high archers should use sports shoes with good suspension and supporting performance. For example, air cushions on the soles of the shoes can reduce the damage to the feet caused by shocks.

Misunderstanding 2: The life of the shoes to see the soles

In the shoe repair shop, we often see customers take a bit of sneakers, requiring repair.
Dr. Kelly is most afraid to hear this: "The older the shoe is, the more comfortable it is as long as the soles are not cracked."
Wait until the split soles, in fact, shoes have been scrapped for a long time. For a fitness person, your comfortable shoes may have caused irreversible sports injuries to your feet. For example, excessive softness of the soles of the soles of your shoes may cause your feet to be protected from injury.

Misunderstanding 3: A pair of good shoes to wear every day

"If you are a fitness enthusiast, there are fixed items every day." Dr. Kelly picked up two pairs of identical running shoes. "You must prepare two pairs of sports shoes."
In fact, shoes also need "vacation."
After more than one hour of exercise, the shoes began to be overwhelmed under the pressure of repeated reactions. At that time, it required more than 48 hours of rest to restore its original elasticity. Previous tests have shown that Mr. A and Mr. B use the same shoes and exercise for two hours a day. Mr. A used the same pair of shoes every day and consumed two pairs in one year. Mr. B's two pairs of shoes were worn alternately every other day. After one year, the indicators were still normal.

Misunderstanding 4: All-round shoes are the most reliable

"Yao Ming would wear a tennis shoe and play basketball. His attack power would probably drop by one-half and it would cause knee injuries. Similarly, Sharapova plays tennis in a running shoe. Her shouting may be due to ankle pain." Dr. Kelly, taking Yao Ming as an example, is to remind: Classifying sports shoes is not just a matter of professional athletes.
"All-around shoes on the market are like multi-functional tape recorders that can play DVDs, VCDs, etc., but they can't be perfect." The function of sports shoes is to reduce the impact of ground reaction forces on the feet, each of which Sports have different reactions to the body. For example, running will get 4 times the impact of the body weight, and the basketball's reaction to the foot is 8 times.
If you are engaged in a sport for a long time, you should choose professional sports shoes for this project.

What sports wear shoes?

Running - - running shoes should be light, strong shock absorption, forefoot position should be flexible to match the starting action. Running shoes to buy a bigger one, to ensure that the full stretch of the foot, otherwise it will seriously bind the muscles and tendons of the foot, there is pain and cramps.
Tennis — This is a sport with more stop and twist movements. It has a lot of challenges for the ankles. Tennis soles are very important. The uppers are thick and they have more leather.
Basketball ---- more impact, more jump, must pay attention to the shock absorber function of sports shoes, so the upper should be higher, can give better protection of the joints, reduce the chance of sprained ankles and knees. Now popular retro shoes are not suitable for basketball. Although they are lighter, they don't have high shoes to protect them.
Badminton - Mobile should be flexible, should choose lighter and softer sports shoes, heavier shoes will increase the pace of fatigue.
Fitness - General indoor fitness, you can choose multi-functional sports shoes, in particular, it should be noted that the anti-skid function is better.

Shoe selection tips
Dr. Kelly came to the following conclusions after studying the human body and physiological conditions in the East for many years:
1. Buy shoes in the afternoon or within 1 hour after exercise because the feet will swell due to congestion during exercise.
2. Check your shoes for good bending performance. The first third of the shoe should be soft.
3. Buy shoes for children and don't buy greedy ones because the space between the shoes and the footsteps is too big and supportability will be much worse.
4. Older children and children wear thinner shoes on the soles of the shoes, which is easy to balance. Those who are overweight should choose shoes with strong shock absorption and good shoes on both sides.
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