Celine novice at the helm of sexy road sex new style spring and summer 05

Celine novice at the helm of sexy road sex new style spring and summer 05
U.S. designers withdrew from European fashion houses, and Celine is now in progress. Michael Kors is on the forefront, followed by Roberto Menichetti. The early spring market experience in 2005, the style has changed to a tender trend, and the beautiful legs and backs are all exposed. The American style of Michael Kors's atmosphere apparently pulled out two pole changes.

Celine in the era of Michael Kors, several times the image of "hospitality and woman", as if the famous album "Dynasties" to reproduce the extravagance and extravagance, the main tactics, in the precious materials and colors loud and loud, in addition, the tourism theme is also a good show At that time, the beauty of the Celine girl was a bit aggressive, and it was somewhat hesitant.

At the helm of the novice, Celine apparently turned away the delicate sense of the line, the line and the single product became more lively and bold, many clothing looks like two different color lines in the upper and lower body, in fact, it is a one-piece dress; the color is also special, late night blue With sapphire blue occupies an important share, whether it is fair skin or bronze skin color have their own flavor, in addition, lemon yellow, pink, purple, silver, is also eye-catching.

The exposed area of ​​the body has also increased. The miniskirt is not enough to look at, many dresses and tops, and the front looks like a printed or plain piece cut from a minimalistic route. When we turn around, we find that the spring is infinite and the entire back is uncovered. Digging into a large hollow, the United States back all exposed, all the way to the top of the buttocks, waist and hip that section of attractive twists and turns, the entire exposed in the outside, the sexy index is comparable to the shining stars of the Avenue of Stars, as long as you have the guts, and thin figure.

The proportion of skirts is higher, in addition to the slightly umbrella-shaped pleated A-skirt and the mini-to-almost-embedded mini dress, there is also a bell-shaped version reminiscent of tulips. The concept is to use soft fabrics to catch A sliver of slivers and slivers, skirts slamming slightly, walking up, skirts pulling along the body and cut out the beautiful drape effect, a bit like the retro mood of the Greek goddess, it is said that the pleats have modified belly hip effect Don't worry about wearing a good performance and dragging your body.

Pants wear a wide version of the route, the main low-waist, deliberately designed into the front waist after the high waist, thigh loose after the loss of a lot, creating Qiao buttocks effect, in addition to full-length there are seven points length, with jacket In order to repair the short-skinned type of waist, pockets often capture three-dimensional folds, even shirts are close to the body, it feels like to wear a flexible V-neck top, Celine this bite tight sexy, It is said that the VIP response in Taiwan is good, and that the actual figures for shipments in March are verified.

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