Modern minimalist style masters the popular elements of TRUSSARDI

Modern minimalist style masters the popular elements of TRUSSARDI
If you want to find a minimalist design from a fashion brand, and you can fully grasp the brand of popular elements, it is none other than TRUSSARDI!

"SIMPLE CHIC Minimal Modern" is indeed the best description of TRUSSARDI's clothing style. TRUSSARDI's clothing is very simple in terms of tailoring or design, almost no visible embellishment, but simply the original texture of the fabric. , To show the appearance of the clothes after being cut off, and another TRUSSARDI's feature is the use of eye-catching colors to highlight personal style; so among all the fashion elements wearing TRUSSARDI, always stand out!

In fact, TRUSSARDI first started as leather. In the 1910s, the TRUSSARDI family was engaged in the production of leather gloves. By 1960, TRUSSARDI began to transform into other products such as: leather goods, personal products, pipes, pens, suitcases, shoes, etc. Accessories boutique items. In 1973, TRUSSARDI's LOGO symbol, a grey long-haired Hound, was officially brought into TRUSSARDI's products and became an identifier. After a few years, TRUSSARDI launched the first clothing line, which is also based on leather products that it excels at. It is a series of men's leather clothing. In the future, it gradually expands the line of clothing line, women's, men's, and leisure series. Children's clothing, etc. asked the city one by one.

Although the leather goods are still regarded as the most classic representative of TRUSSARDI, which is different from the soft touch of leather, the leather goods of TRUSSARDI are full of infinite charm. However, the TRUSSARDI family has a high reputation in the field of design. Once involved in the interior design of the airline company Alitalia, Alfa Romeo's vehicle design, and even telephone, helicopter and other aspects involved, in 1981, even produced the brand's bicycle.

Small brand introduction

1. Adding popular elements (like gloss and animal patterns in this season) to a simple design is the biggest feature of TRUSSARDI apparel.
2. Particularly prominent colors, such as purple, pink, black, and white, are commonly used clothing colors of TRUSSARDI.
3. It is regarded as a TRUSSARDI classic leather article, which is very soft and comfortable to touch.

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