Binbao BENBO unveiled CHIC2005

Binbao BENBO unveiled CHIC2005

(BENBO Hall: NO.12192, 2nd floor, China International Exhibition Center)

BENBO, founded in 1988 by the famous German fashion designer BEN.LAGERFELD, is the authority of the men's fashion field. BENBO represents a brand image of fashion, positiveness, transcendence, and progress, embodying a refreshing, atmospheric, simple and stylish healthy image. BENBO allows consumers to feel the essence and essence of BENBO culture while wearing clothes. It can be said that BENBO provides not only clothes, but also a lifestyle and attitude.

BENBO will debut at Beijing CHIC2005 on March 27-29. It will showcase the BENBO brand for China and the world, promote the BENBO brand, establish the BENBO image, and expand the BENBO investment promotion channel. BENBO takes "joint management, profit sharing" as the marketing management model to further attract "sighted people" to join the BENBO business, jointly interpret the spirit of BENBO, and promote the BENBO culture.

BENBO invites strategic partners from all over the country to visit us during the CHIC2005 exhibition! Share new trends in fashion trends!

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