MaxMara: Brand new breath

MaxMara: Brand new breath
MaxMara flaunts a brand new atmosphere, emphasizing the contrasting design of various parts of the costume, which contains several popular elements, the pursuit of wide, can fully wrap the body, highlight the extended design or short and compact, showing the flow of the design, showing the cutting process Perfection. A variety of jackets, hooded trench coats, leather garments and fur coats can be found on rough-looking knitwear, masculine suits, soft and relaxed blouses and exquisite tunics. One hundred percent of the trend, beyond the imagination of sexy, and then with a little deviant, this is the new female image launched by MaxMara. The extra large, loose-fitting jacket with subtle accessories, plus the size of the stripes, complements the playful prints, highlighting the young and carefree MaxMara family.

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