Embroidery shoes bring me good luck

Soon after graduating from university, my cousin working in foreign trade just found a job for me in a foreign company. Nowadays it is well known that college students find jobs difficult. Especially for a female college student, I am afraid the difficulty will be even greater. So, I was very satisfied with finding an ideal job so quickly. For several days, I was so excited that I was excited. The cousin’s warning was like a stick, knocking on my head for a moment. "Hey, Miss, this is the probationary period. Are you too proud to be too early?" "Do you think foreigners' money is so good to make it?" And so on, anyway, messed up a lot. I only care about it. Happy, that would have thought so much. What did she say and say? I nodded my head and responded one by one: "Take it easy, I will work hard, I will definitely leave my mission." Watching me proudly The cousin shook her head. "Oh, young people now, it's a bit unreasonable."
When I got there, I realized that my cousin's words were very heavy. In the first few days, I really had to walk to feel difficult. In no one's place, I secretly wiped my tears several times.
There are two foreigners in my office. There are four Chinese people who are master students. The English level is very high, and the spoken language is also very good. Usually in the office, for the convenience of the work, everyone speaks English. At that time, I couldn’t find the North directly, and I was confused all day long. I didn’t make mistakes in the documents, I just told them what I meant to say, and I didn’t mention the joke. Maybe it’s me. On the face of my cousin, everyone took good care of me. Four Chinese colleagues also helped me a lot in my work.
In a blink of an eye, more than two months passed. I gradually liked my working environment. My relationship with my colleagues was also very friendly. There was also a lot less mistakes in my work. Although the level of English was also improved. A lot, but sometimes I still didn't talk to me. When they said something to me, when I looked at the eyes with a difference, my colleagues would not hesitate to repeat it to me, and from time to time do something Auxiliary sign language. Sometimes, they are patient and tolerant. It really touches me. I often think: Fortunately, I’m a danke in the office, if there are two more like me. They too must be exhausted.
The "May Day" holiday is approaching. Our company will organize a "female staff fashion show." Since we were a woman in our office, everyone unanimously encouraged me to attend. "Me?" I, this man, looks great. It's not high. Looks like it looks good. Because of these factors, I don't have confidence in my clothes at all. Now let me go to the "fashion show"? Give me a break! Whatever I say, I won't go. Seeing that the time is coming, the head of our office did not see any preparation for me. I didn't go to join in. I was anxious and called me to his office. "Smile with a smile." There is no spirit? This is for our office! Last year's cultural performances, the male chorus of our office was able to take the rankings. The result was just wiped out. This year, what we have to say is to earn this face back. What's wrong? It's important to participate! Maybe it will still be a blockbuster." Listening to his stern reprimand, I thought to myself: "Is it true that I stand up and say no pain, and I'm like this? It's still a blockbuster? That's just a hell!"
My cousin often went abroad and had a lot of beautiful clothes. The next day, I ran to my cousin's house hurriedly. When I entered the door, I shouted, "Sister! Get your clothes out and let me Picking up.” My cousin joked unclearly, “What are you doing? Will you go on with each other?” I walked to the closet of the back room and said, “What a kiss! I want to be a model and go to a fashion show.” The cousin looked at me and asked in amazement: "A fashion show, is it you?" "Ah! What's wrong? No?" I looked at her with a smirk and a smile. I looked at me with a serious look. The cousin laughed. I laughed and asked, "Who told you to go?" "And who? Leaders!" I replied reluctantly. "Isn't it rushing to the ducks?" the cousin was even more happy. "Who said yes, Even when I went to the ocean to go, "I looked at my clothes and said. My cousin laughed quickly. I watched her gloat. I thought to myself, "How ridiculous is that? I don't look like you are beautiful, you are better than you Why is it so short? That smiles like this.” The cousin finally stopped laughing and said: “Choose it, pick it up. Look at that piece, like it, just take it.”
Do not look at the cousin as a joke and laughed for a long time, really started as a staff member dressed up to me, that earnest effort, but also like a professional clothing designer. Toss a full half-day effort, picked four sets of cousin and me I thought that it was more suitable for my clothes. When I was eating, the cousin asked: "What shoes are worn? Have you considered them yet?" "What shoes can you wear? High-heeled shoes." I answered casually. She said with disdain "Where can you go high?" I heard this, and I gave her a fierce grin. She continued and said, "You don't have to marry me either. You think about it: You're in poor condition. Are you dressed? Everyone will spend I thought to prepare. Maybe when I arrived that day, there was more beautiful clothes. Shoes are high-heeled shoes. Are you better than you? You have to get something different from others. Otherwise, what are your advantages?” Looking at her planner's appearance, I asked, "What do you say?" She said mysteriously, "Just eat, after dinner, show you something." After dinner The cousin took a box from the top of the wardrobe. When I opened the lid, my eyes lit up immediately. A pair of bright red rose shoes displayed in front of me: red flower green. I was so happy that I was so excited to shout: "Sister, where did you get it from here?" She asked, proudly, "How haven't you seen it?" I haven't seen it yet.” I said, trying to get the pair of shoes to go. It was a pair of leather-embroidered shoes. The pointed high-heeled shoes were very beautiful. I wore it and walked excitedly. “Sister, is Bigger." "It doesn't matter, I'll give you a way to find out," said her cousin.
Later, I learned that: This is a shoe designed and produced by a friend of her cousin. She claims to be a "feature hand-embroidered shoe." Because there wasn't a lot of listing soon after the design was successful. It's no wonder I haven't seen it before.
On the first day of the exhibition match, the cousin drove to our company and sent me red, black, and white pairs of embroidered shoes. The red shoes were embroidered with two lively goldfish. The black one was the place I saw that day. Rose. White, is a blooming petunia. Looking at the three pair of embroidered shoes, I just like to win the magic weapon, with confidence.
The next day, the cousin took things seriously and brought her in the studio to make friends with her make-up artist. She gave me a makeup hairstyle. She began to dress me up after dinner. After a toss, I stood in front of the mirror, even me. I don't even know myself. "Oh my God! Can I be so pretty?" At night, before the show began, the head of my office and my colleagues came to the backstage to cheer me up and met with me. " Don't worry, there's us. Everyone cheers on you.” The head still said to me with a smile. I thought to myself: How to add fuel? What is it? I'm on the stage, you are on the stage. "Oh! It's the same thing, and it can't care so much.
In order to show fairness, six of the ten judges are the ladies of the presidents who do not know the contestants. One by one, blondes, at first glance, really like an international event. When I was wearing the 26th When I was on the court, both legs didn't listen to myself. I didn't know what to do when I went up and down. It wasn't a catwalk anyway. Unlike other players, I was changing clothes back and forth. The four pairs of cousins ​​brought me embroidered shoes. Sure enough, there were really extraordinary results. Every time I played, the eyes of the judges and boys were moving along with my shoes. I kept whispering to my fingers. It made me happy. At the same time, it is also a lot easier.
After the performance was over, I accidentally tied up with the other two players and won the third prize. Our head and my colleagues ran to the background to congratulate me. "Xiao Zhang, I said it can be a blockbuster. How about?咱.""It's really good....." To see them excited, it's as if I had an Olympic award. While everyone is dancing, hear the director in charge of stage supervision shouting: "No. 26, Will the 26th player be there?” I said, “I’m.....I am.” He walked up to us and said to me, “Go on, go to the jury seat.” I asked uneasily: "What's the matter?" "I don't know, the judges are looking for you, let's go." Watching him go back and the laughter just stopped. I looked at the head and asked, "Isn't it going to give us another place? Hey?” The head said grimly: “Closing things, everyone goes together.”
We trod into the judges' table. In addition to the husbands, several veterans who watched the performances were also there. When I saw me, the husbands could not wait to question me, I wore embroidered shoes when performing and said that I wanted to carefully Look, oh..... At this time, everyone's heart was finally let go. My colleagues helped me open the suitcase that holds the costume. I took out the three pairs of shoes from the inside. The husband took the shoes and came back. Look, look at artifacts? Look at antiques? Look at artworks? Anyway, you can see that they are interested and they like it.
Shortly afterwards, my probation period also arrived. On that day, the head called me to his office. First, I pointed out my shortcomings and affirmed my achievements. Then, I handed over a formal registration form to hire employees. Give me that moment, don't mention how happy I was in my heart. "That's right, there's one more thing." I walked to the door. He stopped me again. "You can wear shoes when you perform that day. Can you get it? ""No." "I can," I answered without thinking. He added, "I'll pay you. You'll give me some pairs." "Why?" I asked, puzzled. He said slowly: " I see that the bosses are quite fond of the shoes. I would like to give them a pair. "It took me a couple of months together. I haven't seen the head yet. It's okay. I smiled. The answer said: "No problem." He only asked me seriously and asked me: "This is not a bribe, right?" I almost laughed; "Do you know how much money is required in the criminal law?" It was not a government official. Sending a pair of shoes to a foreign friend is bribery.... "I didn't wait until I finished, and he interrupted me with a stern face." I can't understand the law. Can I know what is bribery? Dead girl, There was no sense of humour. "I smiled, and he laughed:" Laughing and laughing, it's not time to fill in the form."
Until now, I have also learned to wear makeup and dress up. There is one thing that remains unchanged: as long as you walk into the room, whether in the office or at home, I will put on embroidered shoes that bring me good luck.
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