Men also love the "fashion" men

Men also love the "fashion" men

Today, there are fewer men in formal wear, or the men in formal wear are outdated, especially in the fashion industry. Fashion has always been a fast-changing and uncertain thing. It's good to have money and leisure, but energy is also important. It's best to pay attention to it like paying attention to a competitor or an enemy. In this regard, many women already have a lot of experience, and men are still a lazy, millennium change. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you don't wear it too much, but you need to know what to wear.

Here are a few of the latest styles for your reference:

Stripes to escape the campus

Stripe patterns are horizontal and vertical, as well as diagonal stripes, coupled with different colors, is no longer limited to the sports uniform pattern in the concept of people, and stripes are not magic patterns. The biggest feature of the vertical stripe is the elongated effect. The bright color space is matched with the tailoring and tailoring. The horizontal stripe can properly highlight the fullness and build of the body, so we can find it easily in the knitwear.

Romantic floral and psychedelic geometric patterns

The exposure of flower patterns in the fashion industry has always been high, although it can no longer dominate the status of the protagonist of the fashion stage, but its strength still exists, especially after the smart designer transplanted it to men's clothing, the floral pattern re-emerged Shine. It is worth mentioning that the floral pattern here is a visually striking pattern of large flowers.

In the men's wear, in addition to continuation of bright colors and rich patterns of women's wear, the fabric also uses materials that can reflect soft texture as much as possible, making the same beauty-loving men look elegant and elegant in the spring, completely throwing away winter clothes and bloated a feeling of.

Sexy bar shirt

A major feature of sweaters is that hand-knitted shirts are re-raised. Perhaps the "warm card" always has indescribable charm.

The weaving method of the knitwear is various, except that it wears a bit special: do not wear any clothes inside. If you think about it, a man wearing a knit shirt, it really tastes, and quickly help your husband or boyfriend weave it. Or is it possible for a man to learn the appearance of Takeshi Kaneshiro and to wear a sweater to wear it?

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