Mogao Takes Color to Lead the Trend of Spring/Summer 05

Mogao Takes Color to Lead the Trend of Spring/Summer 05

Fashion like the sniffing nose, the snow in the winter of 2004 has not yet completely melted, the 2005 spring and summer outfit of major apparel brands has begun rehearsal. Who can attract the attention of consumers during their lifetime? Of course, the first color is the color. According to relevant surveys, for young consumers, the color of clothing is more attractive than the style. Mogao clothing is using color to lead the fashion trend of the spring and summer of 2005.

Mogao clothing has always been based on the idea of ​​“creating happiness” as its brand concept and following the design style of “simple, stylish, and self-centered”. In the new season of Mogao products, it fully fuses the modern city's fashion dynamics and nature's pristine innocence, through the heart of green, city fish swim, Qingning morning, the Sunshine Coast four theme series of wonderful interpretation, in the bustling city The breath of youth in the atmosphere reveals the vitality and eagerness of the young people in the city, and shows the young people of the city who are pursuing freedom and happiness under pressure.

According to the designers of Mogao apparel, all of the thematic performances are based on color as a carrier. The “Green” series is dominated by lime and lake green, and the combination of orange, yellow-green, and pink adds to the modernity. "City Fish Tour" series inspired by the city impression. The color is made of natural series of rock gray, agate green, dark green, dark brown and bright orange and green, which brings peace and tranquility to the soul, showing the appearance of crispness, clarity, leisure and dignity. “Qingning Morning Dawn” series: It is mainly made up of fresh pink lines, embellished with a calm grayish blue tone, highlighting the sweet and warm and refreshing feeling. The "Sunshine Coast" series is dominated by lime and lake blue, and the combination of pink and pink complements the atmosphere of the ocean and is full of dynamic vitality. At the same time, different color themes use different fabrics, and most fabrics are also destructively treated with nostalgia. Style style integrates the city's nightlife into everyday wear, interpreting the natural return effect in fashion and avant-garde, and the feeling of decadence and roughness on the surface hides elaborate design and exquisite details.

It is understood that the new season of Mogao apparel will be a debut at the 2005 China International Garment Expo. I believe that with its new theme color series will certainly give people a different kind of amazing.

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