Japan and South Korea's popular sweet lace home decoration delicate color wash mood

Japan and South Korea's popular sweet lace home decoration delicate color wash mood
In an immutable life, are you tired of home furnishings and hope that they will change with the seasons. Although many large furniture are not easy to move, some household items will inevitably have to follow the season and move around. Let these delicate and exquisite handicrafts change your tired eyes and give life a little color and taste. Give your room a new outfit and let your delicate colors wash your mood.

In the living room or living room at home,

Place one or two chic lace accessories to add a feminine, elegant, romantic, and sweet fashion charm that will surely add to your home!

In a fabric shop, there are curtains of lace or lace cloth, cute dolls, colorful table lamp accessories, and a variety of stuff like western lights, baskets, storage boxes... Bring romance and surprises. A lace mirror is placed at the entrance of the home and it is neatly and practically combed before going out. Look at the dressing box that puts on your coat to spoil you. Lace lighting reflects the gorgeous style, the most suitable place in the living room, especially with a fabric sofa. The lace western shades here are all produced by Seiko. Each piece is like a tailor-made court dress. The upright lighting is just like the aristocrats who are going to participate in the court ballroom. This kind of lighting adds a lot to the living room.

According to Mr. Lu, the owner of the store, these ornaments have been popular in Japan and South Korea for some time. They have only recently appeared in the country. Therefore, people feel that they are relatively novel. Their fashionable and delicate craftsmanship are very popular among white-collar workers. Because these accessories are all imported from Japan and South Korea, the price is more expensive than the local goods, from a dozen yuan ornaments to hundreds of yuan curtains. Lace accessories in the store are divided into high-grade and high-grade fabrics. High-grade fabrics are certainly superior to mid-range in feel, design and quality.


Lace series trinkets are mostly white and milky colors, do not underestimate the charm of white, it is the most simple, most direct, but at the same time the effect is the most subtle way of home decoration, do not you do not want to try ? White porcelain, iron art jugs, bowls and pots, willow wardrobes, and lampshades all set the tone of the room's white tone, making it lively, non-stiff, and very lively.

For the use of white anti-color, there can be a wide variety of patterns, each room in the living room can use different anti-color, of course, the overall style should be consistent.

The decoration should embody an elegant and meticulous style, preferably with a hint of mystery. If you want to play with the interior of the home, you can consider using white lace as a curtain. If there are too many black furniture at home, it will give people a feeling of bulkiness. The space will also be reduced due to visual effects, which will make the home more alienated from the cold and lose its original warmth. Therefore, home colors should be selected in some light and natural colors. The friends who are ready to decorate can choose to use white as their main tone, embellish them with milky yellow and other colors, and then use some bright silver as appropriate. In short, they should not be vulgar, but should be fresh but not luxurious. If milky yellow is chosen, it will make people feel warm and warm, and the skin will be set off more softly.

Tips for cleaning lace

These lace jewelry need to be washed at low temperature, and can be put in the laundry bag to avoid being hooked by other clothes, and then washed with a neutral detergent. After washing, the lace is ironed with a low-temperature iron and the stretchability of the lace is improved. Will be good, but also can maintain the pattern of lace without distortion. Do not use concentrated laundry detergents, bleaches, and other cleaning agents that can cause serious damage to the fabric, because these cleaners can greatly affect the stability of the color and spoil good products.

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