Beautiful and graceful - the popular point of laroux2005 spring and summer

Beautiful and graceful - the popular point of laroux2005 spring and summer

The first topic: Spirituality

Emotional requirements: soft, modern, feminine

Structure ratio: 70%

Color: rose, sky blue, light yellow

Fabric: Silk Qiaoqi, satin and chiffon are hot to buy this season, jersey is lighter, softer and more fluid

The second theme: Desert

Emotional requirements: originality, personality, art, unrestrained

Structure ratio: 10%

Color: linen. white, beige, turquoise green, orange

Fabric: Washed plain linen fabric. Implicit seersucker, pure cotton mesh, denim fabric through the old, spray gold and other processing methods produce a novel appearance,

The third theme: annual rings

Emotional Stipulations: Leisure, Gentleness, Nature, Nostalgia

Structure ratio: 10%

Color: lemon yellow, white, apricot, rose

Fabrics: natural cotton, blended linen, Tencel and soft twill, light, breathable, rich and colorful are the overall impression of the fabric, light and soft embroidery embroidery, transparent chiffon, silk, and it is also a highlight of summer.

The fourth theme: warm

Emotional statement: restrained, confident, modern, simple

Structure ratio: 10%

Colour: rose red, sky blue, lavender, light brown

Fabrics: warm mohair, soft rayon, blended matt doubles will become the fabric highlights of this season's knitwear, light, thin, hollow weave will also bring the knitwear into the summer boom.

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