[Carnival World Cup] Football collision fashion classic out of the grass

24K pure gold wire to create the "legend"

The World Cup will be unveiled soon. In addition to the jerseys of participating teams, the purchase of a pair of super cool soccer shoes has also created a new consumer wave. Smart sports players have launched soccer shoes that are signed by their signing stars. Many people love them. Like Nike's new 24K gold gold legend shoes, this year’s world footballer Ronaldinho . "You can't have Ronaldo's magic feet, but you can definitely have this magical pair of shoes." This is why many soccer players want to buy double soccer shoes.

Beckham's 2006 World Cup boots

"Even if you don't play football, you must wear football stars." This is the idea that many "chasing stars" buy football shoes nowadays. When the function is referenced, the game is considered to be the absolute bottom, but as long as it can be worn on the feet of the idol star, nothing cares. What is wrong with this year's funny people? Xiao Bian once saw with his own eyes in the street that there were professional soccer shoes wearing professional shoes and spiked in the street, of course, this kind of people still accounted for a very small number.

ADIDAS F30.6 Series

Nike Tiempo Collection

To catch up with this hot trend, soccer shoes have to “play” and walk from the grass to the streets. NIKE, ADIDAS, PUMA and other manufacturers in addition to the introduction of high-tech professional football shoes and retro black white classic style football shoes outside! At the same time, indoor football shoes suitable for football fans wearing everyday wear are also offered, such as ADIDAS F30.6 series and Nike Tiempo series. Because of its flat bottom design, there is also a new task: the market for blues and jogging shoes competes for trendy shoes. Putting on a World Cup jersey with indoor soccer shoes is definitely the most "HOT" dress this summer.

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