Blue-Eyes Elves: To Win Through Domestic Culture in Children's Clothing Market

Blue-Eyes Elves: To Win Through Domestic Culture in Children's Clothing Market

In the more and more lively domestic children's wear market, the old and new brands have "squandered for attractive eyes." "Blue Eye Elves" as a new brand to enter the Chinese market, the "Blue Eye Wizard" brand at the beginning of the brewing to determine a comprehensive position, that is, through the market research will be the brand image, product image, market image and other products and markets The combination of factors establishes positioning, ie, establishing a mid- to high-end brand image and mid-range price positioning; adopting flexible, extensive and effective special promotional activities, and choosing more pragmatic, adapting to the market, and attracting more customers' attention. The consumer's visual marketing behavior and tactics to promote the "Blue Eye Wizard" brand.

The “Blue Eyes Elves” children's wear brand is a new strong brand launched by the Shen Group of Hong Kong----Guangzhou Yongsheng Clothing Branch. After many years of ardent contemplation, it was launched in the Chinese mainland market in Guangzhou, China, and attracted wide attention from people both inside and outside the industry. The joining boom was particularly high. What surprised the author was that the brand did not have a massive advertising, but got the attention of the broad customer base. What kind of charm has attracted so many customers?

In summary, the core competitiveness of the “Blue Eye Elves” brand is in the following two aspects: on the one hand, her outstanding design concept enhances the sense of the times, comfort, beauty, playfulness, function and culture of the product; on the other hand, The infiltration of various ways of products from the unique culture of Blue Eye Elves has made it easier for customers and consumers to recognize and accept;

The current analysis of the children's clothing brand market can be divided into the following three different levels: First, foreign brands with strong overall strength and relatively good domestic brands; second, children's wear brands with some design concepts and shallow marketing methods; The third is wholesale children's clothing that is engaged in fast-tracking. This level accounts for most of the children's wear market. Strictly speaking, it is true that the brand marketing operation model is very few. This is also the main reason why the children's wear market attracts many powerful investors in the near future. This means that the children's wear market has a greater chance than the adult market. "Blue Eye Fairy" is also after repeated market research to understand this information, thus taking the current situation in line with the Chinese market, in line with market conditions to implement the market to explore the market. At present, a considerable part of the Chinese children's wear brands are “mining” or “dismembering” products in the absence of good design concepts and lack of exquisite craftsmanship. They are simply designing products for the production of products, and thus lack the brand itself. The cultural concept, style personality and marketing integration strategy concept. Only culture is the soul of the brand, in order to inject life into the brand, and to make the brand's life last. This is especially the case for children's clothing, a special market and consumer group. It also requires a unique and unique culture to create this market. Therefore, at present, we rarely see the popular children's wear brand in the domestic children's wear market. Once this lively cultural personality is injected, it can easily affect a generation's brand follow-up habits, and thus the brand will grow into a brand that has continued to operate for more than 100 years. It also creates a good foundation for the extension of the brand.

China now has more than 300 million children. As China's new population grows each year, children's clothing is a special section of China's garment industry. Its role is still very important. So what kind of method will the “Blue Eye Elves” use to fight for the children’s wear market? In the early stage of the market, “Blue Eye Elves” will do their best to support and serve the terminal with the brand culture and marketing integration plan, adopt “push” and “pull” marketing promotion methods to establish a complete culture-centered marketing system, making the terminal In the business activities, customers continuously push new levels to maintain their leading vitality. On the other hand, end consumers, young children and children, are more actively and actively involved in the cultural life of the “blue-eyed genie” and make the “blue-eyed genie”. The brand's popularity, reputation, and expanding market share have been enriched.

To this end, "Blue Eye Wizard" is constantly working hard to further improve the "Blue Eye Wizard" brand management system, and strive to achieve innovation, creative sustainable operation, for the future brand development pragmatic foundation.

In April 2005, the company was far-sighted. In order to assist the shooting and influence the northern markets, it decided to raise its flag at the Beijing Chic Apparel Expo. The “Eyes of the Blue Eyes” are confident to showcase their products, culture and image on the stage where the brand gathered. And will win the market with unique advantages.

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