Modern Love: Tacit understanding between a woman's sentiment and a man's flirtation

Modern Love: Tacit understanding between a woman's sentiment and a man's flirtation

Woman love tone, men love to flirt. There is no dialectical material relation between the two. Only when you want to make the other happy and want him to fall in love with you, out of this subjective flirtation desire can be implemented to a specific and emotional atmosphere.

Phenomenon: Some people say that if you want to fall in love with someone, you will go to Lijiang with him (her) and you will love him (her). If you want someone to love you, take him (her) to Lijiang, he (she) will love you. This is the mood. If you really go, and really love, then the harvest of love can not be attributed to the atmosphere, but should belong to your credit in the Lijiang trip along the way flirting!

Female love tone

In the face of modern love, traditional sentiments (such as incoming and outgoing gifts, flower gifts, candlelight dinners, birthday surprises, beach walks, sunset prairies, suburban night skies, and exotic trips) have become increasingly difficult to load on the need for love. The mood also needs to inject fresh blood.

The following is a topic of conversation between women, which may make men stunned. The woman's sentiment is not inferior to that of men's flirting.

"I drew little mice on my belly and painted lipstick on his face when he was asleep. Guess what reaction he wakes up?"

"That's nothing. I sneaked a safe circle of unpacking in his purse and closed it at lunch..."

"I kissed him yesterday at the company reception at the reception of the company, and then gave him a sweet smile."

Of course, this is not to tell you that only such a private flirt is the fresh flavor. The so-called freshness is actually to be rich in change. Women need to be full of passion and interest in life.

Today's love is too much about the description of sexual love, and it will make those who have just become emotionally determined. Sexuality is the only way to continue the development of feelings. The more delicate the feelings of sexual love, but ignores many feelings. detail.

The depth of a woman's inner heart can make men pay homage, not a constant sexual desire, not a strong expression of communion, and a skillful sensation for skill, but a kind of maternal feeling of affection, a lingering and loving romantic mood. . Men mature in women's warmth, and women also mature and rich in men's minds.

In fact, people who have gone through the emotional path know that love is made up of a series of details. The mood is exactly the embodiment of these details and the means of making details.

Men love to flirt

Some people say that flirting is a show of love for the character man and a healthy entertainment that brings lightness, liveliness and bright sunshine to life.

Charm man flirting can be a short-term, one-shot short-term hit in a few seconds. Men who can't maintain their self-confidence in social situations are more likely to be good at operating long-term lines that can be used for weeks and months. The foreigners who often saw in the film shouted and whistleed by "Hey, beautiful women". Although they also made women feel proud, they were more likely to make women jump-started and were rude and insulting vulgar flirting that was not promoted. .

The flirtatious Dafa that is most respected by men:

1, sincere compliments

The power of example is endless. The voice of praise is eternal. Combining the opposite woman with the great female representative in her own language, even if she is the perfect combination of the goddess of liberty and the Mona Lisa, will not be blinded. Sincerity is not only expressed in the tone of expression, but also in the deepest desire of the heart. In other words, the true feelings of the other side of the role model role model, so angry with respect to the area.

2, directly is to get a shot

Compliments must be sincere. The emphasis afterwards lies directly on the fact that it is highly targeted. The flirting master does not compliment the female noble and elegant, but directly expresses that “Your figure is like a devil, and God will also be inspired by it.” Flirting men will not be stupid enough to ask each other about their love and family life, even less. It will explore what kind of spiritual resonance a person’s privacy will create. The goal is simple, so that the woman opposite the heart, the way is simpler and straightforward to express emotion.

3, eyes shortened and then gently touched

He stared at the other person's eyes thoughtfully in the conversation, then looked away and gazed at the other person's eyes again. It will quickly shorten the distance between two people. Even if the other person is to know why you look like you will change the distance from the original three feet to a ruler. Then, pretending to inadvertently produce a slight physical contact, pat the back of the hand, touch the arm, if the legs or feet have been met together, men who know how to flirt will find ways to continue this contact.

4, Sham is the charm of flirting

A man who knows how to flirt will never be a non-stop wow. The trick of flirting lies in the inevitable silence and waiting that must be available at some time. For example, waiting for the other party to slowly come out from the previous topic, for example, tell a joke suddenly stopped at a critical moment, such as the occasional tacit understanding after waiting for each other's praise. In flirting, the silence at the crucial moment is also golden.

If you have decided to act, then you understand the beauty of flirting!

Taste and flirtation

There are many kinds of sentiments, which one suits you?

There are many kinds of flirting, but the purpose is very simple.

Let us begin the journey of blending the flirtatious and flirtatious together on the occasion of the beautiful spring.

Ann kept losing weight like all other women. Ming is a standard man. Laziness is his hobby. Contradictions arise as a result. The original deep emotional foundation almost collapsed. Ultimately, each other compromised and reached an agreement. The two will run to the end, allowing the movement to change the body's stature and Ming's bad habits, and use jogging in exchange for a healthy life and emotional harmony.

The mood of security is reflected in running sports goods, from clothes and footwear to pedometers, hair bands, wristbands and many other devices, of course, all are matched. What Ming is interested in is Sport Jeanne, who embodies the charm of women in sports that she has never seen before. The original contradiction and conflict point became the flirtation content of Ming Moi. The sex that has become relatively cold for a long time has become a burning passion in the interaction between mood and flirting.

An also began to understand flirting, often running just to the end of a sweat to tease Ming, and Ming finally understand that women just want to make men pay more attention to themselves through weight loss, can create more in the lives of some women happy atmosphere.

The mood that a woman wants, the flirting that a man wants, is actually a process that takes from love to affection, from sex to responsibility, from the world of two people to responsibility for the family. The final outcome of modern emotions is not just the end of marriage.

Find a weekend, put on the most sexy clothes, and lay back in bed waiting for him to come back. Prepare a note in the living room that says: I'm in the pot, I'm in bed.

If you want to enjoy a two-person world on a romantic moonlit night, and you feel that direct speaking will destroy the mood, you may wish to give him a hint with your hand. You can hug him from the back while brushing his teeth at night, you can touch his back or neck, I believe he will be able to understand your mind.

When love needs to be expressed, when the situation needs to be released, let everything flow between your soft fingers and let the woman's style pass through the man's body.

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Editor's Note: Flirting, it seems that always feel not very nice. But from another perspective, for example, love is compared to a glass of mellow cocktails, and flirting can be understood as a necessary process to modulate a true love.

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