Popular new tricks - Diesel men's 05 to create new heights in history

Popular new tricks - Diesel men's 05 to create new heights in history
The price has been continuously refurbished and is not a new topic in many brands. It is even more "due to the name" for Diesel. In particular, the introduction of Taiwan's top prêt-à-porter series this year is expensive and "adding value" to many people. Hopefully, I can sigh, but it also allows the rich people who have “have already had” to spend even more willingly and louder!

How expensive is this series? There are several official figures: about 15,000 to 20,000 jeans, about 40,000 denim jackets, and the overall pricing is about 0.5 to 1 times that of the original Diesel. To convert this, a prêt-à-porter shirt, at least About 3,500 jumps, it is a single product that is easy to use for clothes.

The price is very easy to grasp, Taiwan's purchases account for about 10% of all goods, consider the people's feelings, and some single products missed the stage is also expected in the event; brand manager Long Xiaoyun described the original Diesel is enough to be wild, in New York Grand The introduction of prêt-à-porter series, wearing methods and complexity is even more superior, for example, Diesel jeans are originally known for its complexity, the expensive price is accumulated in a manual process, the actual quantification, a seemingly second-hand dirty The trousers, on average, go through 6 to 9 repetitions of washing and dyeing.

The Prêt-à-porter series has an average increase of 3 to 4 jobs, with a maximum of 13 procedures, especially this year's fall and winter with the "Oriental Russia Meets the Wild West Cowboys" as its main axis. Folk customs are freaking out, and hand embroidery is especially stressful. Jeans are expensive. In the embroidered and then washed, embroider and then wash the time; Diesel before the emergence of several million jeans, each manual process is also more than 10 or more.

The second is wear mode, Diesel practice, most of them are "alternative rugged vs street fashion" for men, prêt-à-porter series feel more Sven, preferred layers, shirts, especially the main type, version of a very narrow fit, sleeves You also have to roll up your arms all the way up. The bigger the muscles are, the tighter the tie is. The tie and vest are the basic combination. You may add suits, cardigans or jackets, chests, ties and even belts. Pin badges.

Interestingly, in the prêt-à-porter series, which was first shown in New York in February of this year, almost all of the male buttons clasped their necks. It seems that the “precautionary” is very logical. The logical reasoning is absolutely related to the personality of the New Yorker Mensao. Even the rare furs in Europe have emerged. The Taiwan side believes that at the same time it tests the wearable strength and financial resources of Taiwanese men, and fears that the financial resources will be unbearable. It is the most economical shortcut to try to figure out a shirt tie and pinpoint.

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