2020 spring and summer China color trend forecast

Spring/Summer 2020 - WGSN's trend forecasting has explored a shorter and shorter gap between people and technology, with humans becoming more digital and devices more user-friendly.

From the earth's brown to dazzling yellow and bright sky blue, the friendly palette of good times came into being. These colors are versatile and can be used in youthful situations, they can be mature and elegant, and they all look at how they are used. This gives them a wider appeal.

Confident purple


Miraculous lavender has evolved from deep purple and millet flour in recent seasons. It is the most attractive product for consumers who prefer powdered wax.

Self-confidence light purple is the most suitable for all-piece styling. It mixes tannins with jerseys and casual classics to create youthful styling.

Mature yellow


Yellow has become a hot topic in China. The deeper and more gorgeous yellow color will be more attractive in 2020 and suitable for high-end markets.

Mature yellow suitable for men's casual wear, more suitable for haute couture, suitable for luxurious fabrics such as satin and velvet.

Cross-quarter green


China pays more attention to protecting the environment and protecting nature. Therefore, green will occupy a more important position in the spring and summer of 2020.

This cool forest green is best suited for cross-season modeling. It is also suitable for lighter layers, thicker cotton jackets, plain weaves, and knits.



The rugged khaki color was inspired by camping, and people in the city are increasingly keen to walk into nature. Therefore, practical khaki has become popular in China.

Suitable for men's and women's sports and outdoor single products, also applies to leisure urban classics.

Compact Spinning Cotton Yarn has higher tenacity, higher elongation at break, smaller mass irregularity measured at short segments, a significantly smaller number of faults such as thin & thick places and neps, a higher degree of elasticity, and significantly lower hairiness. 

The yarn structure with lowered twist allows both better dye sorption and lower dye consumption to be obtained.

It is the perfect choice for high grade textiles. 

Compact Spinning Cotton Yarn

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