Wei Wei trend of children's clothing 2013 spring and summer new products once again bring a new visual feast

Hai Wei international trend of children's clothing 2013 spring and summer new products once again for the children's fashion industry brought a new visual feast. Hai Wei from France, Paris, children's wear brand, its spring and summer 2013 theme lock Dream Paris, Paris to start the full range of product development and design. To strengthen the fashion sense of the full range of products in Hai Wei, the fashion sense of a single product is stronger. When combined into a full range of products, the mainline positioning is clearer and the style is lighter. More in line with the constant product positioning of "international fashion children's clothing". Hai Wei 2013 spring and summer children's clothing products in color, design elements and the use of fabrics with the past, there is a big difference. First of all, the use of color, design elements and fabrics to distinguish between the various series at the same time, the concatenation of the series of spindles, making each series more prominent theme, series feel stronger. Second, the division of the series in the version, the style design also breakthroughs the first few quarters of the product structure of a single form, dating, school home series added a narrow version of the weekend outing and fashion sports series still maintained the past Loose style. Haiwei 2013 spring and summer fabrics more abundant than ever before, all kinds of environmentally friendly, comfortable, healthy fabrics are cleverly integrated into the use of various series of products, closer to each series of the theme expressed at the same time, for children We provide basic protection of fashion and health. Among them, the chiffon, lace, chiffon these fashion elements also gradually appear to the season Wei Hai children's clothing to fully reflect the natural innocence of children naive; light gray denim washing pants stylish and generous; cotton straight cloth and the Interlaced color denim use, so that the summer of 2013 full of pants.

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