Wear sandals in summer to be alert to skin cancer

[This site - shoes and life] British doctors remind those who like to wear sandals in summer, wary of this kind of shoes to the skin bring health risks. Because sandals usually expose large areas of foot skin to sunlight, it is easy to increase the risk of skin cancer.

Anthony Cantos, a London-based podiatrist, said that a London hospital had received at least two exposures in the last 3 months that caused foot skin cancer. One of the patients had malignant neoplasms on the feet for two years, but he always thought it was a contusion and did not pay attention.

Cantos said: "Our feet are wrapped in shoes for most of the year. If you suddenly change your sandals in hot weather, your feet are particularly prone to sunburn." The skin of a large area of ​​the foot is directly exposed to sunlight, and most people usually do not remember to apply sunscreen or regular check-ups to the feet, so that they are unaware of the increased risk of skin cancer.

The cancer that affects the foot is a foot tumor, usually formed between the soles of the feet, between the toes, or under the toenails. Because such tumors do not produce pain or discomfort, they are difficult to detect.

Now many people know more about the sunscreen program, and this news is to remind everyone that your sunscreen plan has a blind spot. You may need to pay attention to it from now on. The consequences of sunburns are very serious. Don't smear your baby sun cream on your feet.

Little knowledge: white skin is not sunk

To say that white skin is not exposed to the sun, not only is it easy to be tanned, but the lighter the skin and eyes are, the easier it is to get sunburn and the more likely it is to have skin cancer. Therefore, skin cancer is more prevalent in the West because Westerners have lighter skin. Long-term exposure may increase the risk of skin cancer, but short-term exposure, such as sunbathing on the beach, and blistering the skin, may also increase the risk of skin cancer. Exposure to skin cells is a long-term accumulation of damage, so middle-aged and older people may have more skin cancer. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center, cooperation media: clothing information)

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